Sunday, March 22, 2015

Songs of Sunday

I have liked Jason Farol since Duets! He was so shy and adorable, but he had this voice, OMG his voice! So tonight I dedicate this blog post to him. First, his cover of Sam Smith, I Know I'm Not The Only One. And then his Maroon 5 Sugar cover. OMG his cute look at the end! Haha. Love. He's gorgeous, and talented and I just sigh when I watch his vids. Hope everyone has a great week! :) peace

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BW Pics

So I'm back in school, and I picked two classes that were so not what I thought they were! One I thought was comp lit, it's creative theory of literature. Theory! The other class (that I had tonight) I thought was something like desktop publishing, turns out to be graphic design! So, um it's gonna be a tough term for me. Other than that, it feels good to be a student again. I say that now.

The new job is going well, it's part time actually which works for me 'cause I can leave early and do homework. The crew is pretty good, and we're basically just updating people's software. No eye candy tho. What is it about IT guys not being cute? Seriously, this is my 3rd IT contracting gig and very little to look at! LOL I know that's shallow, but whatevs, I work in a hospital so there are plenty of cute RNs and doctors to check out. :)

Hope everyone is doing well, and I WILL blog more, it's only been 3 days since my last post, I hope to get back to daily. I'll probably talk about school stuff. And did I mention I'm addicted to Clash of Clans?  This game owns me! Haha!

:) peace

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Songs of Sunday

Earned it - The Weekend. I love this song. His voice is amazing!  Not much going on here, liking the new job, and I go back to school this week. I need to order my books. Ugh! Always so late! Haha. Enjoy your week! :) peace

Thursday, March 12, 2015


So as you know I work in IT. Why, why, why, are there no HOT IT guys in IT? I literally have no eye candy. Although, I am liking the job, it's pretty easy. I just wish I had something to look at. So, here is some hotness for us all to enjoy. ;) Peace

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Songs of Sunday

Wow, it's been almost a month to the day since I last blogged. LOL I'm horrible! Okay, so, new job starting on Tuesday...yes it's in IT. I kind of like this IT contracting stuff, I work, make good money, and then get some time off between gigs. This time it's only two weeks, but much needed after my last contract.

So, my new addiction is Clash of Clans! Do you play? I love this game, I have to have patience though otherwise I'll spend money. So far, I haven't, but I really want to buy gems! I've been playing nonstop for a couple months now. I'm hooked.

Today's song of Sunday is Maroon 5 - Sugar. I like the song, I LOVE the video. How awesome would your wedding day be if they showed up and played! I've watched this at least 20 times, at least! Hope you enjoy, and have a great week! I'll blog later this week, I will! LOL :) peace

Monday, February 9, 2015

Songs of Sunday

Okay, technically it's Monday, but I've been working graveyard shifts the last two weeks so my internal clock is ALL MESSED UP. Only three more days of this shift, though. Calvin Harris - Summer. I did not know he was so hunky! LOL Hope you enjoy. I'm off tomorrow then back to work Tuesday. :) peace

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

30 Seconds of Bliss

Been years since I did a 30 seconds of... post. Saw this on my Youtube home page and just HAD to post it. LOL

Back to work tomorrow, graveyard. Had the past 3 days off, but I mostly just slept. Haha. Met with a new recruiter today, very positive meeting. I only have, I think, like 5 more shifts. 3 this weekend, then off for three and then 2 shifts after that. So, time to start looking for the next gig. Hope all is well. :) peace

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wow. So I know I used to blog a lot, and I had some really nice posts, but I have fallen off blogging for awhile. Um, I didn't know it was for like a year! I checked my blog history and I didn't blog Tats in 2014! Whuh? That was a staple of my blog.

Also in 2014 I didn't do one "Random" post, where I post a random memory, or random thought, or a random "how my day went". I started this blog years ago as kind of like a diary, but then it kind of took off and I felt like it wasn't private anymore. Well my page views have been way down, so I feel like I'm off Google's radar. So I plan to blog more.

Right now I'm working in IT, I like my job but it's going to end soon. We just had a "go live" so I've been on 12 hour graveyard shifts. Ouch. We have been busy tho, so the nights go fast.

Last night I worked with a guy who okay, he didn't seem interested in taking on assignments, but it's cool; more work for me. Well he took his jacket off and he had these tribal tattoos on his arms and I was like, whoah...he's hot. I'm not even into tattoos, those posts were for Leccy (if he still reads this) :) lol

So I figure I'm just shallow. Haha. In any case, he is my muse for this post. I hope everyone has a great week, and I'm off the next three days! Woot Woot!
:) peace

Friday, January 30, 2015

It's All About the Eyes

So my muse for this post is my co-worker at my job. His eyes are beautiful! They are blue/green, but one eye is a quarter brown, with long dark lashes. Seriously, the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. He's so annoying tho, lol, but he's hot, and unique, and I miss him. We were on days together, but tomorrow I start graveyard shifts for our go live to the new system. 12 hour shifts! 3 days on, 3 days off, so it won't be too bad. Just for the next two weeks. Hence this late night blog post. I'm forcing myself to stay awake until morning so I can sleep all day and be okay for my 7pm start time. I don't think that's gonna happen, but at least I'm trying.

Oh, I'm stuck on Clash Of Clans! Does anyone play it? I love this game, my hot co-worker got me started on it. I'm addicted! But not how like I was with Defender 2, and I almost failed a class in college. LOL

Well that's it for now, I'm going to read some of my Revenge of Seven book (I Am Number Four) series, and hope I can stay awake a bit longer.

Hope you are all well. :) peace

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So my muse for tonight's post is the weather. It sucks! It's cold, it's gray, it's dark, it's Oregon! Ugh! Except I live in Cali and I am not used to this weather. But despite that, there are still hot guys wearing shorts! After all this is Cali!

Happy Hump Day everyone, hope yours went well. Looks like I'll have a schedule change next week, switching to 12 hour shifts, graveyard. Ugh! But it's only for two weeks as we "go live" on the new EHR software install.  I plan on studying for my Cisco cert, might as well. Hmm, can I  re-read my Cisco textbook AND study for the cert in two weeks? We shall see.

Also,  I may go snowboarding this weekend. Snowboarding. Have I mentioned I bruise easily? Like, very easily? And, no, I'm not least that's what my doc says. In any case should be fun, but I'm thinking me and my buddy will golf instead.

Enjoy the rest of your week! :) peace

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Songs of Sunday

I Bet My Life - Imagine Dragons. I first heard the chorus on a Jeep commercial, and instantly fell in love with the song. Then about a week later I heard it on the radio in my friend's car. Luckily his car stereo displays the name of the song and the artist. I've been listening to it ever since. I also love the message of this video.

 Everything is going okay at work, kinda boring actually as the project is winding down. I have had other recruiters offering me some interesting possibilities, so we shall see. Nothing much to blog about. Got two new roomies, one moves in first of next month, he seems cool. The other one is a female, so there's girly stuff in the bathroom now.

 Enjoy your day off tomorrow, if you're lucky enough to have it off. Hope everyone has a great week! :) peace

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Things that make me happy!

Pride is up for a Golden Globe as Best Motion Picture, Musical, or Comedy! I saw it, it's great! If you get a chance check it out, def one of my fave movies of last year. :) peace

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Songs of Sunday

Clean Bandit - Rather Be. I love this song. It kind of has a 90's feel to it. Yes I just dated myself. LOL I hope everyone has a great week! :) peace