Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So my muse for tonight's post is the weather. It sucks! It's cold, it's gray, it's dark, it's Oregon! Ugh! Except I live in Cali and I am not used to this weather. But despite that, there are still hot guys wearing shorts! After all this is Cali!

Happy Hump Day everyone, hope yours went well. Looks like I'll have a schedule change next week, switching to 12 hour shifts, graveyard. Ugh! But it's only for two weeks as we "go live" on the new EHR software install.  I plan on studying for my Cisco cert, might as well. Hmm, can I  re-read my Cisco textbook AND study for the cert in two weeks? We shall see.

Also,  I may go snowboarding this weekend. Snowboarding. Have I mentioned I bruise easily? Like, very easily? And, no, I'm not least that's what my doc says. In any case should be fun, but I'm thinking me and my buddy will golf instead.

Enjoy the rest of your week! :) peace

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