Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wow. So I know I used to blog a lot, and I had some really nice posts, but I have fallen off blogging for awhile. Um, I didn't know it was for like a year! I checked my blog history and I didn't blog Tats in 2014! Whuh? That was a staple of my blog.

Also in 2014 I didn't do one "Random" post, where I post a random memory, or random thought, or a random "how my day went". I started this blog years ago as kind of like a diary, but then it kind of took off and I felt like it wasn't private anymore. Well my page views have been way down, so I feel like I'm off Google's radar. So I plan to blog more.

Right now I'm working in IT, I like my job but it's going to end soon. We just had a "go live" so I've been on 12 hour graveyard shifts. Ouch. We have been busy tho, so the nights go fast.

Last night I worked with a guy who okay, he didn't seem interested in taking on assignments, but it's cool; more work for me. Well he took his jacket off and he had these tribal tattoos on his arms and I was like, whoah...he's hot. I'm not even into tattoos, those posts were for Leccy (if he still reads this) :) lol

So I figure I'm just shallow. Haha. In any case, he is my muse for this post. I hope everyone has a great week, and I'm off the next three days! Woot Woot!
:) peace

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