Tuesday, December 27, 2005

X-MAS is over!

Thank goodness, now we just have to get New Years out of the way and the new year begins. For Christmas all my relatives went down to my Grandma's on the rez and I stayed here in Rapid and cleaned my apartmetnt, no, it wasn't sad or lonely, if anything I was quite proud of getting a lot done. I had to borrow my aunts vacuum but I finally got it all done. Other than that NOT A DAMN thing going on, although I did see this one guy out last night who looked so famiiar to me, yet...I was also kind of scared of him. It was like a bad de ja vu and he kept looking at me and I kept looking away because I didn't want him to come and talk to me, weird. He was good looking though.
Heres some A&F hotties...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Rapid City Night Life...

...I'm tired of it. Well two more days and then it's Christmas and then it's New Years and then finally...spring rolls around. Was slow in the office today, I got a lot done though. Most people are out with their families are travelling to their families *sigh*. I will most likely go home and take a nap. I may go out tonight, but I'm so sick of downtown Rapid City, it's like *shiver* just tired. There are 10 bars/clubs down town ALL with in a 3 block walking area. Murphys-Irish "themed" bar, I don't care for it, reminds me of a Chilis the way it's set up. St. Joes Pub-rocker/punker/goth or just whatever bar. The Brass Rail (my hang out), little neighborhood bar...kind of like the official unofficial "gay" bar of Rapid City. Paddy's-lounge in the lobby of the Hotel Alex Johnson, it's ok, I don't like the crowd that goes there, kind of uppity. The Big Kahuna...mmm...it's allright, they have big couches you can sit on which I kind of like and sometimes they show video's on the wall. The Firehouse, more of an eatery but great beer! Fatty's- dance club which I CAN NOT STAND! ugh! same people every week. Now when you have a little neighborhood bar and it's the same 10 people each week, those are regulars. If you have 300 of the same people each week, that's just tired.
Philly's, lounge at the Radisson, good live music. Finally Woody's-the biggest club in town but not the busiest. So that's it, those are my choices.
Well I must be going, I would wait until 5:01 to blog! but time to go!
Here is Frederic Michalak again, the hot french rugby player. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wow...almost Christmas

I will be doing nothing, just like Thanksgiving! Well except I don't have to study this holiday. Nothing new going on, it's quiet here at work today, everyone off with their families for the holidays *sigh*. Here's some more players from Dieux du Stade! Enjoy, peace out!

Bath anyone??!!

This guys name is Romain Collinet...gorgeous!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I got him...

...the mouse is trapped and gone!! I won't say how, let's just say IF that was my only mouse then I am now mouse free. Thank goodness!! I caught him this morning before work. Ugh! I'm so ready to go back to California, at least my roomie will have a cat! Albeit a gay cat, but still a cat!!
Nothing much else to report, thinking of revamping this blog a bit. Until then enjoy
Frederic Michalak...a gorgeous French Rugby Team player...look for more coming up of all the members of the Dieux du Stade (french team).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


...what a lazy day. I got a lot done at work but now I feel lost because it's 5pm, and I can go home. No staying late to study, no staying late to make up time when I'm at school. I get to home, like a normal person...kinda. I don't know what to do with myself! Well I'm actually going to apply for a server position tomorrow and make some extra cash and occupy my time. So that's it for today, I'm going to try and blog each day...I know I said I would when I started but come on, I live in South Dakota, not a whole lot talk about! and yet more Joseph Sayers or JS ;-)Later!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Ok, it's done...

...school is over, that's it. So what did I do? I MISSED THE LAST TEST OF MY LAST CLASS OF THE SEMESTER on Friday! I couldn't believe it, I studied my ass for that exam, I set the alarm clock on my cell phone, I went to bed early. I woke up with twenty minutes to get there, my class is 51 miles away. Wasn't going to happen. I felt sick the whole day, it was horrible. I haven't even emailed my profressor...what I'm going to say? Although friends have given me plenty of excuses, but I don't want to lie. So I'm hoping that my grade was strong enough, so that the 100 points I missed out on, will not be to detrimental to me in the long run. International Business was a breeze this semester, now my Math class is kind of still going. Based on a test I took, if I pass it, I get an extension until 1/6/06 if I didn't, I'll be taking an incomplete for the class (it's an internet class). So other than that, life is good. I'm glad school is over and I can breathe a bit now. Miss Mantoan and I are so anxious for the condo that we are hoping to get in March! I'm so looking forward to it, she's kind of a technofile so we'll have all the good stuff like cable and wireless internet and such.
It's going to be way better than here! So the other morning I get up and wander into the kitchen to get something to drink when I see this little furry head pop out of the pot on the stove, a mouse! He kind of looked at me, and I kind of looked at him and then he just went down through the burners. Once my heart came back down to an acceptable level. I freaked the f*ck out! I was like, OH HELLZ NAW! I am NOT living with vermin! So now I have traps all over the kitchen, I think he lives in my oven to be honest. I just can't live with a mouse, I want to catch him, I NEED to see a body...I must have closure. During the spring and fall I had hornets/yellowjackets/wasps whatever you want to call them, just pop out of my walls in my apartment and I couldn't figure out where they were coming from, I have storm windows but never left them open. I think they live in the walls, with the mice. Ugh! I soooo am ready to go back to Cali now.
A couple more pics of Joseph Sayers! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


...school is almost done. I think I did quite well this semester, considering how much I missed because of the gas situation. Oh that reminds me, my car no longer has 5th gear, slips out of 1st and 2nd all the time and 3rd is beginning to "buzz". 4th is my solid gear AND ironically, 4 is my luck number, I'm just saying...
Nothing new to report, going to look for a second job soon so I can save up and get the hell out of here and back to the self indulgent lifestyle I so badly miss!!
Oooh, gotta go, hot copy machine repair man just walked in!

Friday, December 9, 2005

How I found Joseph Sayers

AND wow is he gorgeous! I heard there were "naughty pictures" of him out there and I'm just wondering why he would have those done when obviously his career is taking off? Well maybe it was before he made it big, but man...he's hot!
These are some of his professional pics. Click the link UPDATE: Sorry link is no longer valid and his profile has been taken off the site. (Joseph Sayers)to read the article on how Joseph got his start!

Monday, November 14, 2005

My jeans are baggy

...and I love it. Swimming at they Y three times a week is really doing the job, that and no beer and no food. Well the no food thing isn't by choice :-) IN any case the results are quite wonderful! Pants that I bought to be baggy years ago are now baggy again! LOL
Other than that, I have nothing new to post, life is just so humdrum here. Still looking at moving back to Cali in January or Feb. Still my plan! Looking foward to it actually. More later.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Moving back home...

...I think. I've decided that I'm a shallow person who is materialistic and want's pretty shiny things. That's why I want to move back to California, I want to move back, get a decent job and buy me a new pair of shoes, maybe some pants...and a DVD/VCR player. That's what I want. I've been here over a year, I'm content, at peace and basically life is grand...I just want nice things. I haven't adjusted to being poor, I can't budget anymore with what I make, and I just am not going to adjust to eating Ramen for the next three years. I tried. I can't do it. I am a quitter, I'm ok with that. I just want to move on and be able to afford the new Madonna CD when it comes out. If this makes me a bad person, then I don't want to be good. I thought I'd have like this spiritual awakening or something like that moving back here, to where I'm from. Not the case, if anything it reminded me of how I've moved on in so many ways from this place. It's not depressing, nor do I hate it. I just miss my family and I miss swiping my ATM card and not having to worry about whether that exttra .20 cents I paid for hair gel is going to affect me this week. So my plan? I have none, I just know that I will end up in California at some point within the year. Maybe at the end of this semester, maybe next semester. I'm not going to give myself a deadline, it'll just happen when it happens. :-)
We shall see.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bird Flu...

...Ok, why is Bird Flu all of a sudden an issue for humans? Hundreds of thousands of years of bird and man living together and no flu. All of a sudden we have bird flu, which could pass to humans which means we need to buy more drugs to save us. Do you see what's going on? I think the drug companies are "creating" viruses just so they could sell their product. No I am not a conspiracy freak either, it just seems you can't watch TV without 5 different drug commercials coming on pressuring you to "talk to your doctor". Ok the latest one, RLS, Restless Leg Syndrome...for real. I saw this comercial for people who shake their leg while sitting or watching tv, now there is help for them. GIVE ME A BREAK!! I guess I have RLS, but I'll be damned if I'm going to take a pill for it, besides it helps work off calories :-)
I'll just stick to taking my Vitamin C.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rwanda Genocide

...I was reading this article about how the school where 50,000 Tutsis were killed in one day, was recently made into a memorial. All in all over 800,000 Tutsis were massacared. The UN, France, Belgium and the U.S. knew before hand the Genocide was going to take place by the Hutu people. Yet we didn't do anything, not one soldier was sent to Rwanda. I have never read anywhere that Sadam Hussein killed 800,000 of his people, maybe it's happened I don't know. I know he had tortured a lot of people who opposed his "regime". I know we "thought" he had Weapons of Mass Destruction, and I also know how rich his own country is in oil.
Maybe if the Tutsis people had WMD's or enormous oil fields we would have at least tried and to diplomatically stop the genocide.
Guess not.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

It's pouring outside...

...like the Ark type of storm!! We are supposed to get snow tonight also, so that will be nice to wake up to a wintery wonderland. Hopefully it will stay on the ground for awhile, we could use the moisture. I have nothing of interest to report on, school is good and work is good and that dumbass Arnold in California recently vetoed a gay marriage bill, but who is surprised at that? Not so cool having the Terminator as your Governor now is it? He's offended women rights, minorities rights and lately the civil rights groups of California. I am soooo hoping he does not get re-elected. I expect that from this State, but not Cali, California has always been so progressive and liberal and challenging, I live in a state that has more cattle than people. I'm at work right now, putting in some hours so my paycheck get's a little weight on it! It's getting late but each time I grab my backpack to go, the wind starts howling and the rain is slamming into the windows and it freaks me out, so here I sit, afraid to leave my office!! Well actually see I have to set the alarm and it's at the back door, so then I have to walk aalllll the way around the building to the front of my building where my car is parked. Miss Mantoan is on my cell speakerphone right now telling me about Bride Kidnapping in China...she's begging to be kidnapped 'cause she has no choice! *sigh* I guess this storm ain't that bad after all, I can run through the rain!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm forced to recycle old stories...

...I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to blog in awhile. In a nutshell, I'm doing great. One of my friends suggested I put the "Mouse" story on my blog page, so...here it goes. I had just moved to Fresno a couple of weeks earlier...

Originally sent Fri, 27 Aug 2004 15:13:12 -0700 (PDT)

So this is how I started my day today. First of all let me preface by explaining that we do have a mouse. I've seen him, he's tiny but he's still...a mouse. Centuries ago man and mouse lived together in harmony but those days are gone. I want him killed, dead, gone! At night when I sit on the computer and listen to the Olympics on the TV behind me, I hear him. He's in the kitchen, he's in the pantry, he knocks things over and he's getting too bold. So I tell my roomie Sandy and she puts out some cheap sticky traps and is certain we are going to catch him, we even have old poison around and he'll eat that. I think he just ice skated on the sticky traps, we don't catch him and he's still disturbing my late night web surfing. He's a smart sucker. So I wake up yesterday and go turn on the tv and sit on the couch and I hear some rustling amidst some diaper packages next to the entertainment center, then OUT speeds this little gray thing, he heads over to the wall and through kitchen and into the back of the stove. I was dumbfounded. I did NOT just see a mouse. Oh NO HE DINNNIT! So when my heart beat comes back to an acceptable level, I call my mom and she's like, you have to kill him, you have to get rid of him...he'll breed, they'll be more...they'll be in your room. Nuff said. I call my roomie on lunch and she's just like oh, well ok, we'll have to get some more traps and blah blah blah. Sandy is not realizing the severity of this situation. I am still in shock of sharing a dwelling with a rodent. I'm still in shock of seeing him run through the living room. I must take matters into my own city boy hands.

So I hit Wal-Mart after work and I buy poison, snap traps and sticky pads that look like you can tow a truck with them, just stick 'em on your bumper. I'm going to get this mouse! We set up the traps (the kids had great fun helping me with the snap traps) and the kitchen is armed, it's dangerous...it's soon to be...the killing field.

I didn't hear him last night, he's waiting, he knows...he's planning his next move. I sit, I wait...I'm waiting to hear the snap trap, a shriek when he get's stuck...at least him knocking something over but I hear nothing...it's quiet on the Killing field tonight.

So I stumble out of bed this morning and walk into the kitchen and stop short, there he is, he's on the sticky trap right next to the oven. I knew I'd get him, I knew it, but it's early and I didn't want to touch it, ugh! So I went back to bed. When I got up later he had moved to the other side of the sticky trap and I thought, he's going to get out if he keeps that up. So I called my momma and she told me I had to either kill him or put it in a plastic
bag so he would suffocate and I didnt' want to do either and my mom was like you have to and I was like NO! and she was like yes! and I was like NO and she was like yes! and I was like NO and she was like YES! aaahhhh!!
So...I picked up the trap with the mouse on it with salad tongs, and the
mouse started shrieking and I started screaming and my mom was like,
just do it!! I almost peed. So I put him in a ziplock bag and threw him in the garbage can out back. Hell of way to start my day I tell you.
So now we should have no more mouse problems, I hope he was the only one because I really don't think I can do that every morning before breakfast. So that's the lastest from the country, I hope you are all well...and mouse free.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Where I'm supposed to be...

...last night I was talking to a friend of mine here in town and she asked if I think I've had a good life. It made me think. I told her...I think I've had an excellent life! I'm 35 and have lived more and seen more than some people twice my age, I've dated men who could afford to fly me all over the place on a moments notice and dated men who couldn't get a job if their life depended on it. I've stayed at some of the finest hotels in the U.S. and also went a week without electricity in my little one bedroom apartment (just recently actually). I've lived overseas and in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, Fresno...just to name a few. I guess one can say I've been on both sides of the spectrum. After telling my friend about some of my adventures, I felt a bit nostalgic for my "nomadic" ways, but then again I haven't even been here a year yet. She asked if I missed that lifestyle, and for the first time I can honestly say...not really. I'm where I'm supposed to be right now, I'm content here. It's been quite awhile since I've been content. I like my little apartment, my laid back job and my little circle of friends. I love the weather and the laid back atmosphere of this city, I like being away from my family's drama. I don't have that "restlessness" about me anymore (well at least not now). I think the second chapter of my life is really about me finishing school. There's still a lot I want to do and see, and money will really help with that. I'm not really at that age to be a boytoy anymore *grin*. Besides, I want to do things on my own...explore by myself. So where I'm going after this, God only knows...but for now, I'm where I'm supposed to be. Of course I could drop out of school by mid-terms and end up staying at a friends place in Hawaii (which was something I was pondering before I ended up here). I think that's the beauty of my life, I just don't really know where the wind will blow me. Some people can't stand that, they can't stand not having a plan or knowing what's happening next. I on the other hand don't want to know, I don't want to have a plan or know what's around the corner, that's just not my style. You can live life or exist. I'd like to think I'm living... :-)
Now...if my landlord would only let me have a dog...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am..

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

I'm going back to high school!

...well kind of. Ok so you know I dropped my Lakota language class. Well my friend teaches it at a high school...sooo...she said I can sit on her course! Isn't that great! I feel so old though, but ironically no one has said anything (must be all that water and vitamin C I take). :-)
So in any case, that's going well, I learned a lot in her class already. I need to get a window for my car, tags, groceries. I have a million things to do, oh I also kind of have a stalker but more on that later once I put an end to that. I'm so busy, I have barely enough time to blog!! And I really need to, it's a good release. Ok this weekend is St. Joes Powwow, so I'm going to that. NO work, no studying, just me on the rez at the powwow, I'm looking forward to it. Did I mention I'm smoking again? I am. Like since I drove back to CA with my Aunt Lee and she smoked me out all the way so now I'm like a smoker again!! I enjoy it though, so I don't even bother to try and quit right now. You know, if you don't want to quit, you won't.
I got pulled over yesterday by the cutest cop (here the rambling begins) and he let me go! See I had expired tags unbeknownst to me though, but he remembers when he was a college student and how much a citation like that would have hurt him financially, so he was really cool and I got no ticket. Of course now I'm trying to find my cousin so she can help me get the tags. Did anyone see Supernatural last night? I meant to but I was listening to my music CD for music class and I think I'm beginning to like classical music, or maybe just the stuff I'm listening to, I'm not sure. In any case I really wanted to see that show but I just never really get time to watch TV much anymore, which I guess is a good thing. Ok I have to stop and call about a window for my car, track down my cousin and do all this paperwork on my desk because I guess I need to earn a living no matter how busy I am. Oh and eat some top ramen.

Friday, September 9, 2005

I need more time...

...there is not enough hours in the day. Between work and school and studying and trying to find time to walk and exercise, it's just not working. Ok what I need is an exercise bike, in my office, with a direct connection via TV...to my classes. I'd be set! I did clean my apartment yesterday though, I had to...flies. Nuff said. Anyways so that made me feel good and I didn't study AT ALL yesterday but I did do cleaning...so technically I'm still owed a ME day. This weekend in additon to work, homework and studying I'm supposed to go to a bbq that my friend is having. I missed her last one because I was studying so I "promised" her I'd make time for her this weekend. Should be an interesting bbq. Ok my co-worker just came up to me and said she had released a spider outside the size of a silver dollar! ugh! I hate spiders! I told her she should have killed it, I would have. Sorry, I know it's wrong, especially in my culture because Inktomi (the Jokester) often comes to you as a spider and you are soooo not supposed to kill them, but I do. A lot. Which probably explains my life and events. :-)
Oh yea, I dropped my Lakota language class. I mean this prof. had no syllabus, she didn't want us taking notes and there was no text book. She just expected us to learn through osmosis I guess, hell if I know. Anyways, if I'm already behind in my "self paced" math class...how on earth does she think I will learn a language with no notes, textbook or basically any direction! *sigh*
Ok, time to do some work...I'm going to try and do a quote a day, I dunno why...just play along with me, I'm trying be inspired!
This is from a country and western song ('cause I'm so country now)it's called "get right with the man" by Van Zant. Anywho...the quote is: "if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans..."
I like that. Ok I'm outtie.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

School is here...

...and it's kicking my ass. I have one graduate course this semester (International Business) and it's taking a lot of my time, I have an internet math course in which I have YET to crack the book. The sad thing with that is that it's "self paced" okayyy...we all know the pace I tend to take if left to my own devices. In any case, this weekend I will study the hell out of math. I'm in school Tuesday and Thursdays, work three days a week here and also Saturdays. My friend wants to join a gym with me and I'm thinking...when will I have the time??
I'm slowly getting adjusted and trying to tighten up my study habits, it'll be easier as we progress in to Winter and the weather gets cooler. Other than that, not a whole lot going on. My electricity did get turned back on, caught up on my rent and gas and life is good. :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

In the dark...

...can you believe I got my electricity turned off?? Yes, I did. See I was supposed to pay it on the 1st of August, but I was in California at the time. When I got back and found out I wasn't going to get paid for the two weeks I was gone, well that sent me into a panic and I just totally forgot about the electricity arrangement. So I get a notice in the mail that I have a certified letter, and I put it on my shelf with all my other mail and promptly forget about it. Well yesterday I went home at lunch and noticed my power was off. Nothing new, they are working on the poles down the alley from me. So I'm walking out and I notice the notice for the 100th time. So I pick it up and stick it in my pocket because I actually have to go to the Post Office for work anyways. Well I get there and I notice it's from BHP. Black Hills Power...oh oh, coincidence?? I think not. Sure enough I missed the deadline by 5 days! So of course I'm furious at myself for being lazy but what can I do, that's me. IN any case, I have a great reason to go kick it at The Rail with my friends now :-).
It should get turned back on tomorrow.
Oh and one more thing...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ!!!
hugz to all

Friday, August 19, 2005

It's official...

...I am now registered for college. Finally, I moved back here to go to school and almost a year later, it's finally happening. My classes are Lakota 1, Music Appreciation (my fluff class), International Business and Algebra. It seems kind of like a lot, so we shall see how it goes. I went to the campus yesterday and did my orientation and all that. So I only have about a week of fun before classes start then it's time to hit the books and get this shit over with.
Today is kind of chilly, over cast with the sun peeking through at times. I really like the weather here. That's all I have to Blog today, I'm working to catch up on a lot stuff that came up while I was in CA.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


...I'm the big XX this year, I can't believe it. I'M OLD!! It's finally happened, I'm like what the kids on skateboards are talking about! Pretty soon I'll be clipping coupons and eating dinner at 4pm in time to watch Roseanne on TNT before I retire at 8pm!! *gasp* what if I call someone Sonny!! or worse, someone calls me an old fogey...do people even use those terms anymore? Not to mention that being a gay man AND old, is like a double strike. I'm officialy a troll! ugh! am I? no I think that's 50...40? Well I'm close enough! Pretty soon young guys will be hitting me on thinking I'm a sugar daddy! Well they got a surprise coming.
In addition to my birthday, school is also on the horizon for me, I'm very excited about that. Fall is approaching our lovely state and the season will soon be changing. I'm content.
OH yeah, I forgot to mention in my last blog that at the Rally, I saw a woman taking pics on different bikes with her hoo hoo showing!! OH my.
Well my co-workers are calling me for cake, so I best get to eating!
Oh my birthday goal (kind of like a new years) is to get in shape for next summer. That is my goal, so pretty soon my blogs will be angry and hateful as I withdraw from beer, cigs and food that's bad for me!! But then I'm hoping after the first 10lbs are gone, I will be just one BIG RAY OF SUNSHINE...again!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

What a hectic three weeks

...I'm not sure where I could even start. In a sad sad circumstance I went back to California two weeks ago. One of my cousins passed away while some of my other cousins were here in S. Dakota on vacation. It was a really hard trip back. I'm glad that I went though, I felt I needed to be there.
Trying to get back here was insane! Reno had their hot august nights going on this weekend and my bus was always full or late and it just sucked. So I ended up driving back with my brother, we made it in 22 hours. Ugh! I was so tired when I got back, but I'm glad to be home. California is not for me anymore, I was depressed being back there, it's hot and dirty and to many people. I don't know, I mean I lived there for years and I liked it well enough, but being here is so much more... cleaner? laid back? yes I think I would have to use those terms. There is no place like Cali though, that I will admit.
I'm back now, work is chugging away, I'm waiting to register for school next week. Life moves on and I'm moving with it I guess. I went to the Sturgis Rally where there are like a bazillion motorcycles (and yet very few hot men) although if you want to see an older biker chick in a thong, Sturgis is the place to be this week. Although don't expect anything like the models in Low Rider magazine :-)
Oh yeah, my birthday is this week also, I'm so not even excited, no money to do anything. Oh well, just another day.
Until later

Monday, July 25, 2005


...my cousins from California have been here the last few days and we had a great time at my Uncle's memorial yesterday. It was really great to visit everyone. We had to drive on this dirt road like 5 miles to find the place where my Uncles ashes were scattered, it was a lot of fun. I had my Aunt's car and I must admit, I kind of drove it a "bit" rough :-)
It was fun!! going through mudholes and water and just spinning out. :-)
Now it's back to reality though, back at work and phones ringing and emails coming and people bugging me to do stuff *sigh*. I'm hoping to see my cousin Dawn and my cousin Mel tomorrow. They are supposed to go to the Mammoth Sites in Hot Springs. Just in case, I'm taking tomorrow off! :-) well I mean, I requested it off anyways, if anything I can clean my apartment! It's a mess even I can't stand!
Maybe I'll read a book and just relax, that would be a nice vacation day also :-)

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm going shopping!..

...well kinda, today is payday and for the first time in 5, yes count them 5 weeks, I will actually have some extra money to spend! Not a lot mind you, but I can get that toilet brush I've had my eye on, and even some groceries!! woo hoo! I'm so excited~! Ok I've even made a shoppng list: Toilet brush, nails and hammer, spatula with a metal handle (as opposed to plastic because mine bends all the time), shampoo...ok it's not the most exciting list, but it's mine!! I'm also going to buy an Air Conditioner to put in my window, which brings me to my dilema. How the heck do I install it? how do I get it up the stairs? granted my arm is doing MUCH better, I'm not sure about hauling an A/C up my stairs. Also I'm so paranoid that once I install it's going to fall out my window and kill somebody!! Can you imagaine? Plus I have these really odd shaped windows complete with storm screens, and I'm don't know how to get that out. All I know is I can do it, I have AMAZED myself since moving to South Dakota. Ok I'm not out slaughtering pigs and mending barbwire fences, but I have tackled some difficult tasks. Like a day after I busted my shoulder up I had to put together this stand up fan, with one arm. It took me an hour but I did it. It was a cool fan, not the round kind but the cylindrical kind. I ended up taking it back and getting the money (about $45.00) and putting in gas :-)
So all in all, I'm excited...'cause I get to shop. Dollar store or not, I'm out there! woo hoo!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And the Dr. said...

...I don't have to wear the immobilizer anymore! woo hoo! but it will take like 6 months before I'm fully healed and another six weeks before my fracture heals, but I don't have to go back and I don't need physical therapy. So my summer is ready to go! I just have to baby it a little bit, no problem there. It feels so good not wearing that thing, I mean that was hot to wear! It added like 15 degrees to my already natural body heat!! So anyways, that's my news for the day. :-)

Friday, July 8, 2005

Ahh...so much better

...well I have like 85% movement in my arm/shoulder so I can type with two hands now! Yippee!! You so take things for granted until you have one arm to work with, and I'm not talking like picking your nose while driving, I mean like cooking and bathing and shit. So I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday and I'm hoping he tells me I'm cured and to start physical therapy (which I kind of started on my own, you know the go-getter I am.) :-)
Well the problem is, I have a fracture in my arm bone, and it's only been 4 weeks (to the day actually) and doesn't it take longer than that for bone to heal? So my thing is, if they still want me to wear this sling, forget it. They are going to have to put a cast on my arm, because I keep taking this thing off! and I know I will continue to do so, so plaster me up!!
Other than that NOTHING has really been happening, except for this horrific HOT weather. I'll keep ya updated!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No surgery needed!!!

...but I do have to wear this sling contraption for the next 3 weeks!! Then I start my Physical Therapy. I guess my ball and socket are lined up ok, so let nature take it's course. Ok enough of that, it's friggin HOT! Not like Cali hot, but like North Carolina hot (or so I would assume) HUMIDITY!! UGH! I have no A/C and my apartment is at least 10 degrees warmer than outside and I have to wear this sling immobilizer WHICH IS MADE OF FOAM!!
I think there is a hex on me, first my shoulder, than my plexiglass side window flew off my car and broke in 3 places, then I was in our field supply room and a flourescent light bulb just blew up right near me. LAWD!! Is Cali calling me home !!?? 'cause I will come back... :-) I'm going to save up $84.00 to buy me an A/C for my place, I'm constantly sticky, never thought I'd miss 114 degrees of DRY heat! Ok typing with one hand is tiring. More later.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I broke myself...

last Friday while on my way to work, my backpack got caught on my screen door and when I went to unhook it, I fell down my stairs, landed on my shoulder pushing the bone into the socket and causing a fracture. I'm now in sling type of contraption, haven't been able to shower for 4 days ugh!! I see a surgeon tomorrow about surgery. I'm hoping I don't need it, but to look at my x-rays, it's nasty. My arm is a pretty purple though.
Ok so my coworkers are trying to come up with a better story for my injury because they said mine is lame!! My boss is trying to come up with something where I'm involved fighting a mountain lion!! The sad thing is, they were my own stairs and I was on my way to work, not very glamorous, so unlike me.
So here are some scenarios, I'll let you know what the surgeon says.

Boring and unimaginative, so unlike me

I was on my way out to work Friday morning, as I was locking my door, my backpack got stuck on my screen door handle (see Mike Fosha, he has an even better screen door handle story!). My backpack gets stuck on the handle like everyday, so I’m used to it and I normally slowly push back the screen door with my foot, turn around and unhook me. Friday however, I just kicked the door back which jerked me back while I was in the midst of spinning around. I lost my footing and twisted in mid-air, falling down a half a flight of stairs, falling on the landing and impacting my shoulder bone into its socket. I may need surgery and meet with a surgeon on Tuesday. I hope I don’t though.

THANKS to Paula for the idea.

I was in Denver for the Green Day concert and I was in the Mosh Pit when this huge mountain of a man came barreling towards me out of nowhere!! Slamming me in the shoulder up against this huge speaker!! Shoving my shoulder bone right up into my clavicle. As the paramedics were taking me away, I was screaming NOT UNTIL THE CONCERT IS OVER!!! GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!
Well Billie Joe (the lead singer) was so impressed, he invited me to party with the band once I was let out of the ER, even sending me a limo!! So I spent the whole weekend partying with Green Day, until pain and reality hit last night when I got back into town!!

Jane and I are working on something where I fought off a mountain lion… J

KOTA Territory
ABC News

24 Hour Online News


Mountain Lion Attacks Local Man
6/18/2005 Teri Nelson

A mountain lion savagely attacked a local man in Custer State Park Friday morning. L. R. newly returned to South Dakota from California, was enjoying the scenic beauty of the park when he was slammed off his feet by the spring of a large mountain lion. R. reports “The mountain lion had me pinned to the ground and I could smell his stinking, Jack Russell terrier smelling breath in my face. I brought my legs up under me and threw it off me into a tree. I must have shook it up because the next thing I knew it was running up the hill. Then, I realized by shoulder was messed up but I guess I’m lucky to be alive”.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks said the attack on R. was a very isolated incident and they do not wish the public to panic. A team of game wardens with a dog pack combed the area but no lion has yet been captured. The public is asked to take precautions, especially with small children and Jack Russell terriers.

R. is recovering from his injuries and may be facing surgery to his damaged shoulder.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Split Pea Soup...

...I made it. It was good. When I lived in Germany my ex's mother made this soup and I'm told it was split pea (because it was green, but surely there has to be other green soups). In any case, it was delicious! I think it had ham in it and you added this liquid they called liquid smoke and it was just the best. Along with the soup she made this salad but I don't remember how it was made. It had dark green leaves and diced onions and sugar, yes sugar but it was delicious. Okay maybe I do how it was made, but I feel like I'm missing an ingredient. Through out the years I've often wondered if I could replicate that soup and salad. Well...I can't. Although my soup was good, no one told me split peas made you gassy, really gassy!!
I fell asleep on the night I made it and my mom called to wake me up and let me know my sister had made it to her hotel room in Reno on her trip back from S.D. and it was almost 2 a.m. and I was ravenous!! I was like, oh yeah I have that soup I made still on the stove. I ate three bowls. A handful of Jalapeno pringles and a slice of cheese. My stomach bloated up instantaneously!! I freaked out. I mean, I looked like I had swallowed a basketball..or two. It tasted so good though. When I woke up the next morning, while I won't go into details, I will say the pea soup was leaving my body in a rather fast way. I smelled like peas. It was like coming out of my skin! I burped peas, farted peas! The smell was nasty, it smelled like cut grass!! I was so self conscious, I didn't want anyone around me in case they found out I had pigged out on split pea soup, I'm sure they could tell. How could you not? I smelled like an alfalfa field!! I washed and washed my hands but they still smelled like peas, it was infuriating and frustrating. Then the stomach cramps started, oh lawd, how they started. The thought of eating split pea soup made me gag. How could something so good make me feel so bloated and uncomfortable?? Did I miss something, did I forget an ingredient? Too much garlic? Was the smoked bacon bad? What??!! Was it because I ate at two in the morning and ate like my fluffy friends at a buffet?? what??
In any case, it's been two days and I can only faintly smell peas now and the burping has subsided but that was a rough two days.
My next project is going to be fried rice, my ASIAN (she hates when I refer to her like that, I do it because of that:) friend gave me the recipe but you know what? There is no frying involved. For years we have been misled that fried rice...well...is fried. It's not...oh well...I just hope it doesn't make me bloat for two days! :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Freaky ass weather...

...I am so inconsistent with this blogging thing. Anyways, last week in the middle of May it snowed like 7 inches in a few hours. In May. Snow. 7 inches. Ok see, in California in May I'm wearing shorts and wondering how many calories do I need to cut so that my wife beater fits, and I don't look the like wife with sagging boobs.
Here it seems that the weather just kind of goes on with no boundaries. The next two days after our "blizzard" were hot, like 80 degrees, so of course mounds of snow are melting and all the gutters are overflowing and you have your windows rolled down and sweating as you drive as these huge mountains of snow that had been plowed the day before and I'm like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE! And then today, Thunderstorm. With Hail and Sleet. I swear if I see a funnel cloud I'm on the first bus/train/horse back to California. I'm looking outside because I'm convinced an 18 wheeler and a freight train had collided but the South Dakotans are telling me, um, that was Thunder. I'm like no, see Thunder is like a big boom (and they laugh because I guess one or more Californian had said boom in describing thunder). Thunder does not make the clock on your wall fall on to your desk or make your teeth hurt, that's a collision/explosion of some kind. So I'm staring outside and it's like 2pm but it's dark!! and I see little hail stones bouncing off my car hood and I'm just convinced that pretty soon those big huge hailstones are going to happen, you know like golf ball sized hail and they will totally annihilate my car. I can't afford to fix anything if my car dies, or, is murdered. I was told hail like that is rare and not to worry. I'm not worried, I just don't believe weather like this really exists. The sky is a mass of black and blue swirling clouds and lightning is blinding me and the thunder is making my fillings rattle and I'm convinced this is doomsday but I keep telling myself, it's sunny somewhere! It's sunny somewhere!!
Then the rain comes and it's like this tidal wave of water, not cute rain drops that you try and catch on your tongue but splashes of water that would surely take your jaw off if you were dumb enough to open your mouth. I look at my co-workers reading the paper or just chatting it up and I'm thinking, it'll be ok, no one is concerned and I look out the window and I see this trash can go blowing by and another thunder crack shakes the building and I finally go back into my office and start looking at live webcams of cities in California so I can be assured that this isn't the day that ends all days. Then it get's really quiet and I'm afraid to look out side because you know the whole eye of the storm thing and this is when the tornado will definitely strike. My office begins to become more illuminated (I never turn my light on and I'm basically in the dark as this point) and I turn to look out my windows and the clouds are fading away and the sun is coming out. In like 20 mins. it's 72 degrees with blue skies and sunshine. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT!! Were we not just ready to board an Ark a few minutes ago??
I look outside and see our neighbors dragging their trash can back up the road and the bunnies are out eating the grass from the parking lot across the way and it's like it never happened. Well except for the river of water running through our parking lot, it was like a dream.
That sh*t just ain't right. In California, when it rains it rains for days and when it's nice it's nice for days! The Weather there doesn't play with your mind and get you all scared then serene in the span of like an hour!! Oh no, I need more consistency!! Not to mention it f*cks with your wardrobe because how you gonna dress yourself if you don't know how the weather is going to be? I mean I can't be wearing shorts in the morning and then a parka in the afternoon, it just clashes! What? Am I supposed to like have an emergency bag of clothes with me at all times? That's too much commitment for me, I need to know that when I wear shorts, I'm wearing those damn shorts for the next three months no problem or questions asked, don't mess with my head and freak me out and then have the sunshine come out with squirrels and bunnies playing, naw, f*ck that. Mother nature here needs to recognize that we all ain't mountain people and some of us believe that the sun should actually be up and shining for the whole day for days on end, it's called summer dammit! That's how it should be!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Eating buddies...

...my friend Nancy and I used to work together and eat together...a lot. I really miss the food out in California, so much diversity and exciting tastes. I went to a Mexican restaurant here in town and I was appalled at what they tried to pass off as chips and salsa! The chips were the round Tostitos brand and the salsa was tomato sauce, I think I saw a piece of green pepper in there. It reminded me of a place me and my Cuz went to in Livermore, oh man that was horrible. At this place in Rapid City the rice came out of a box and the beans weren't refried, they were just wet and mushy. It was horrible. Now in Cali, nothing like the taco trucks. They were perfect to go to on a Saturday or Sunday after a night in the clubs. Go and get four taco's and some hot sauce and you were set, or a chicken burrito with some lime and radish...OMG that was the shit!
Best Vietnamese soup was at Da Nang's, I think they put heroin in the broth because you just had to go at least once a week for your fix. Nancy and I discovered that place, then it became really popular, same with the Mexcian restaurant across the street, we were the first customers in their first week of business. Excellent salsa and Enchilladas New Mexico was my fave dish, it had two eggs on top of the enchiladas (the enchiladas were spread out like pancakes) delicious. The bread at the Indian restaurant downtown was like butter melting in your mouth and the best cilantro and rice, or the Won Ton soup at Canton Gardens and good Kung Pau Chicken at Dave Wongs. When we were poor (not like poor means here) we would go to La Cabana, this pointy roof Mexican restaurant where you got a lot of food for like four bucks and the service was great. Best egg rolls were at Ho Suns in Manteca, did you know THEY MAKE THEIR OWN EGG ROLL WRAPS?? Nancy says they don't but I think that's just 'cause she doesn't know how and she's Chinese. Best Meatloaf has to be at this place in Folsom called the Folstom Stree Cafe, I used to meet my friend Aimee up there sometimes for lunch, cute place, nice portions great potatoes. Nancy and I ate at so many restaurants over the years I forget how many, I think our best discovery was Momma Ruth's...oooooooooohh shittt! Soul food, best fried chicken and mac and cheese ever! With a side of greens and hot sauce and you were in heaven. Granted we spent half the day there (their fryer was having problems and I'm not sure the electrical hook up they had was up to code...but), it was worth it. We even went to some hoity toity places like the 856 cafe, best french onion soup. We never went back though, Nancy kinda ghetto and I was a bit embarrassed around all those rich white folks *grin*. Or CoCo Ro's, you paid like $14 for a bowl of rice with some chicken in it but they gave you a shiny pretty rock to rest your chopsticks on :-) Nancy stole hers, hence the reason we didn't go to the nice places to often, she be getting me in trouble. Cancuns, Arroyo's, Casa Flores...all get honorable mention, well Arroyo's was more Nancy's choice than mine she liked the Taco salad, I never did try it. Tepa's was great also, good salsa and burrito's were wrapped really tight. Best super burrito ever? Has to be La Estrella in Manteca in the Big Boy shopping center...big messy burrito it was great! Also good Chile Verde, me and my cousin Martin went there one time and ordered it, I'd never had it there before but it was by far the best. The Duck Nook on Harding had the best navy bean soup and potato salad, sushi was good at Kikusui on Pershing. Angelina's had a great Italian buffet. You never really know what you miss until you're stuck in the middle of a lot of Arby's and Wendy's, Burger King's etc. I don't think we EVER ate at fast food for lunch, Jack in the Box was for breakfast, that's about it. Well there were times when we were really broke and I'd grab my back pack and she'd grab her old lady purse and we'd go through all of our change and hit the Wendy's .99cent menu! Me and my eating buddy! LOL we ate til the end...scraping pennies and what not.
It's important to have a person who isn't afraid to try new things when going on a culinary adventure. Nancy wasn't afraid of putting anything in her mouth (oh lawd!) and she could eat. A short Asian woman but I've seen her clear a plate of enchilladas and a side of chips and salsa like a Marine!! Then she start looking at my plate! Gotta eat fast round her! I miss those days, the friendship and the food and the excitement of trying something new. There really aren't any places like those here, a couple of Chinese restaurants and two really gross "Mexican" restaurants, but that's about it. I can't afford to eat out here anyways but even if I could, I'd probably still eat my Ramen and tuna creations. Besides, not as fun without my eating buddy.
Peace out ;-)

Monday, May 9, 2005

I don't like being poor...

...I mean really poor. Like I haven't had cash in my hand for like two weeks and it will be another two weeks before I do. *sigh* and then it will be like a whole $20.00 if that. Ok I admit, I had it good in California. Man the amount of money I blew on cigs, beer and eating out, I could live off of that for two months here!!
I have an ATM card that I got from my bank, it's sitting in my desk inactivated because really, there is no point. Not like in Cali when I was swiping my card everytime I turned around. I know I know, it's a different lifestyle here and it's for school (which of course is important) and the wages are different and yada yada...I just don't know if I can DO it for three years! Ok my ass is old, I'm not a young starving college student, nor do I want to be. I just want to finish my degree and move on, and yes I understand there are sacrifices, but meat? I mean come on...I went like three weeks before I was able to buy some groceries, of course I didn't pay the light bill but oh well, electricity can be overrated. I'm telling myself things are tight for now, but I just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I missed the Native American Film Festival like two blocks from my house, no money. I don't go out, haven't been to a movie or eaten out in months. Its sucks I'm bitching, I know people have it worse, I know that. I'm just another spoiled Californian I know, but that's just it. I'M NOT ANYMORE!!
Although I do admit my affection for Wal-Mart is only fanned by my strict budget and the fact that it's not quite the dollar store, although I do shop there. This is so green acres for the new millenium.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bill Collectors...

...I know they have a job to do, but they can be so aggressive about it!! I recently moved into my own place and did the whole change of address spiel with the Post Office and my Employer. Well somehow, somewhere, my check has not shown up. It's been almost two weeks. I'm almost out of gas (thank goodness for Honda's gas mileage capabilities) and some groceries would be nice.
So this chick calls me on Monday from a place that I owe a $65.00 payment to. I've already met her once and she's so snotty you just want to spank her and put her in the corner. She asks "when I'll be in to pay my payment"
and I said
"I don't know. I haven't rec'd my paycheck. "
"Why haven't you received it?"
"Because I moved and did a change of address and I think they lost it"
"Well I need to know a day when you're going to be in"
"I don't know, when I get paid, you'll get paid"
"Well pick a day"
"So you will be in on Wednesday then?"
"Yes, if I get my paycheck"
"No, you need to come in whether you get your paycheck or not"
"Well if I don't get my paycheck, I'll have no money to make a payment"
"You can borrow some to make a payment"
"Um, yeah, let's see, it's been almost two weeks since I've been paid and I'm going to borrow money to pay you? No, you're not that important to me, I'll borrow for myself first."
"I'm sensing an attitude Mr. Randall and I just want you to make a payment"
"This is not an attitude, this is me telling you the truth, I don't have any money, when I get money I will pay you. I don't see how this is so hard to follow."
"We'll see you on Wednesday Mr. Randall"
"Hopefully, good bye."

Well, I still haven't got my check and today is Wednesday, so I called her to tell her this is a courtesy call to let her know I will not be in today. She didn't laugh.

Monday, April 25, 2005

My first Blog from S. Dakota

...or anywhere for that matter. I guess this could be my online diary and also a way for people to check up and see what I've been up to. Not that I'm that important or anything (ok I am) but still, it's just a nice way to vent my frustrations on not being in California anymore. I left Cali by choice to come back here to South Dakota and finish school. I hated it the first week I was here, but by and by life got better. I lived up on a hill outside of town and it was horrible, I called it Witch Mountain I will not say it's because of my Aunt that I was living with but because the weather was really weird and freaky and the wind blew at least 65mph every damn day!! *grin*
Well I now have my own apartment in downtown Rapid City, and it's great. Has a lot of character and is only $300 a month, yup for a one bedroom apartment, pretty spacious. So I'm registered for school, I got a cool job working in the State Archaeologists office and life is good.
I just miss California today though, I miss my momma, my family and real Mexican food. Oh man do I miss good Mexican food!! I would honestly consider buying a plane ticket and flying back for the weekend just so I could get a super burrito from La Estrella on Yosemite in Manteca...mmm...
Anyways, so life in South Dakota is an adjustment, hardly any minorities here and white people galore!! Lots of Natives, unfortunately you see them down at the park passed out, it's really sad. I have yet to see one white homeless person, but many Native homeless people, it's weird.
This is a republican, conservative RED state, so needless to say that I haven't had that many interesting conversations with liberals. So despite all that, I'm pretty content. I do miss the fast pace of California though and I do miss the convenience of...well...everything. I miss hoodlums and thugs, vatto's and cholo's, the East Indians in the 7-11's I miss them all!! Oh, last night I had a dream someone here at work told me they were going to open up a 7-11 here in town and I got SO excited, now that's sad. I guess I just miss the diversity. California is really a great place to live and you never really know that, until you move to a square state in the middle of the country.