Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No surgery needed!!!

...but I do have to wear this sling contraption for the next 3 weeks!! Then I start my Physical Therapy. I guess my ball and socket are lined up ok, so let nature take it's course. Ok enough of that, it's friggin HOT! Not like Cali hot, but like North Carolina hot (or so I would assume) HUMIDITY!! UGH! I have no A/C and my apartment is at least 10 degrees warmer than outside and I have to wear this sling immobilizer WHICH IS MADE OF FOAM!!
I think there is a hex on me, first my shoulder, than my plexiglass side window flew off my car and broke in 3 places, then I was in our field supply room and a flourescent light bulb just blew up right near me. LAWD!! Is Cali calling me home !!?? 'cause I will come back... :-) I'm going to save up $84.00 to buy me an A/C for my place, I'm constantly sticky, never thought I'd miss 114 degrees of DRY heat! Ok typing with one hand is tiring. More later.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I broke myself...

last Friday while on my way to work, my backpack got caught on my screen door and when I went to unhook it, I fell down my stairs, landed on my shoulder pushing the bone into the socket and causing a fracture. I'm now in sling type of contraption, haven't been able to shower for 4 days ugh!! I see a surgeon tomorrow about surgery. I'm hoping I don't need it, but to look at my x-rays, it's nasty. My arm is a pretty purple though.
Ok so my coworkers are trying to come up with a better story for my injury because they said mine is lame!! My boss is trying to come up with something where I'm involved fighting a mountain lion!! The sad thing is, they were my own stairs and I was on my way to work, not very glamorous, so unlike me.
So here are some scenarios, I'll let you know what the surgeon says.

Boring and unimaginative, so unlike me

I was on my way out to work Friday morning, as I was locking my door, my backpack got stuck on my screen door handle (see Mike Fosha, he has an even better screen door handle story!). My backpack gets stuck on the handle like everyday, so I’m used to it and I normally slowly push back the screen door with my foot, turn around and unhook me. Friday however, I just kicked the door back which jerked me back while I was in the midst of spinning around. I lost my footing and twisted in mid-air, falling down a half a flight of stairs, falling on the landing and impacting my shoulder bone into its socket. I may need surgery and meet with a surgeon on Tuesday. I hope I don’t though.

THANKS to Paula for the idea.

I was in Denver for the Green Day concert and I was in the Mosh Pit when this huge mountain of a man came barreling towards me out of nowhere!! Slamming me in the shoulder up against this huge speaker!! Shoving my shoulder bone right up into my clavicle. As the paramedics were taking me away, I was screaming NOT UNTIL THE CONCERT IS OVER!!! GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!
Well Billie Joe (the lead singer) was so impressed, he invited me to party with the band once I was let out of the ER, even sending me a limo!! So I spent the whole weekend partying with Green Day, until pain and reality hit last night when I got back into town!!

Jane and I are working on something where I fought off a mountain lion… J

KOTA Territory
ABC News

24 Hour Online News


Mountain Lion Attacks Local Man
6/18/2005 Teri Nelson

A mountain lion savagely attacked a local man in Custer State Park Friday morning. L. R. newly returned to South Dakota from California, was enjoying the scenic beauty of the park when he was slammed off his feet by the spring of a large mountain lion. R. reports “The mountain lion had me pinned to the ground and I could smell his stinking, Jack Russell terrier smelling breath in my face. I brought my legs up under me and threw it off me into a tree. I must have shook it up because the next thing I knew it was running up the hill. Then, I realized by shoulder was messed up but I guess I’m lucky to be alive”.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks said the attack on R. was a very isolated incident and they do not wish the public to panic. A team of game wardens with a dog pack combed the area but no lion has yet been captured. The public is asked to take precautions, especially with small children and Jack Russell terriers.

R. is recovering from his injuries and may be facing surgery to his damaged shoulder.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Split Pea Soup...

...I made it. It was good. When I lived in Germany my ex's mother made this soup and I'm told it was split pea (because it was green, but surely there has to be other green soups). In any case, it was delicious! I think it had ham in it and you added this liquid they called liquid smoke and it was just the best. Along with the soup she made this salad but I don't remember how it was made. It had dark green leaves and diced onions and sugar, yes sugar but it was delicious. Okay maybe I do how it was made, but I feel like I'm missing an ingredient. Through out the years I've often wondered if I could replicate that soup and salad. Well...I can't. Although my soup was good, no one told me split peas made you gassy, really gassy!!
I fell asleep on the night I made it and my mom called to wake me up and let me know my sister had made it to her hotel room in Reno on her trip back from S.D. and it was almost 2 a.m. and I was ravenous!! I was like, oh yeah I have that soup I made still on the stove. I ate three bowls. A handful of Jalapeno pringles and a slice of cheese. My stomach bloated up instantaneously!! I freaked out. I mean, I looked like I had swallowed a basketball..or two. It tasted so good though. When I woke up the next morning, while I won't go into details, I will say the pea soup was leaving my body in a rather fast way. I smelled like peas. It was like coming out of my skin! I burped peas, farted peas! The smell was nasty, it smelled like cut grass!! I was so self conscious, I didn't want anyone around me in case they found out I had pigged out on split pea soup, I'm sure they could tell. How could you not? I smelled like an alfalfa field!! I washed and washed my hands but they still smelled like peas, it was infuriating and frustrating. Then the stomach cramps started, oh lawd, how they started. The thought of eating split pea soup made me gag. How could something so good make me feel so bloated and uncomfortable?? Did I miss something, did I forget an ingredient? Too much garlic? Was the smoked bacon bad? What??!! Was it because I ate at two in the morning and ate like my fluffy friends at a buffet?? what??
In any case, it's been two days and I can only faintly smell peas now and the burping has subsided but that was a rough two days.
My next project is going to be fried rice, my ASIAN (she hates when I refer to her like that, I do it because of that:) friend gave me the recipe but you know what? There is no frying involved. For years we have been misled that fried fried. It's not...oh well...I just hope it doesn't make me bloat for two days! :-)