Monday, July 25, 2005

Vacation... cousins from California have been here the last few days and we had a great time at my Uncle's memorial yesterday. It was really great to visit everyone. We had to drive on this dirt road like 5 miles to find the place where my Uncles ashes were scattered, it was a lot of fun. I had my Aunt's car and I must admit, I kind of drove it a "bit" rough :-)
It was fun!! going through mudholes and water and just spinning out. :-)
Now it's back to reality though, back at work and phones ringing and emails coming and people bugging me to do stuff *sigh*. I'm hoping to see my cousin Dawn and my cousin Mel tomorrow. They are supposed to go to the Mammoth Sites in Hot Springs. Just in case, I'm taking tomorrow off! :-) well I mean, I requested it off anyways, if anything I can clean my apartment! It's a mess even I can't stand!
Maybe I'll read a book and just relax, that would be a nice vacation day also :-)

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm going shopping!..

...well kinda, today is payday and for the first time in 5, yes count them 5 weeks, I will actually have some extra money to spend! Not a lot mind you, but I can get that toilet brush I've had my eye on, and even some groceries!! woo hoo! I'm so excited~! Ok I've even made a shoppng list: Toilet brush, nails and hammer, spatula with a metal handle (as opposed to plastic because mine bends all the time), shampoo...ok it's not the most exciting list, but it's mine!! I'm also going to buy an Air Conditioner to put in my window, which brings me to my dilema. How the heck do I install it? how do I get it up the stairs? granted my arm is doing MUCH better, I'm not sure about hauling an A/C up my stairs. Also I'm so paranoid that once I install it's going to fall out my window and kill somebody!! Can you imagaine? Plus I have these really odd shaped windows complete with storm screens, and I'm don't know how to get that out. All I know is I can do it, I have AMAZED myself since moving to South Dakota. Ok I'm not out slaughtering pigs and mending barbwire fences, but I have tackled some difficult tasks. Like a day after I busted my shoulder up I had to put together this stand up fan, with one arm. It took me an hour but I did it. It was a cool fan, not the round kind but the cylindrical kind. I ended up taking it back and getting the money (about $45.00) and putting in gas :-)
So all in all, I'm excited...'cause I get to shop. Dollar store or not, I'm out there! woo hoo!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And the Dr. said...

...I don't have to wear the immobilizer anymore! woo hoo! but it will take like 6 months before I'm fully healed and another six weeks before my fracture heals, but I don't have to go back and I don't need physical therapy. So my summer is ready to go! I just have to baby it a little bit, no problem there. It feels so good not wearing that thing, I mean that was hot to wear! It added like 15 degrees to my already natural body heat!! So anyways, that's my news for the day. :-)

Friday, July 8, 2005 much better

...well I have like 85% movement in my arm/shoulder so I can type with two hands now! Yippee!! You so take things for granted until you have one arm to work with, and I'm not talking like picking your nose while driving, I mean like cooking and bathing and shit. So I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday and I'm hoping he tells me I'm cured and to start physical therapy (which I kind of started on my own, you know the go-getter I am.) :-)
Well the problem is, I have a fracture in my arm bone, and it's only been 4 weeks (to the day actually) and doesn't it take longer than that for bone to heal? So my thing is, if they still want me to wear this sling, forget it. They are going to have to put a cast on my arm, because I keep taking this thing off! and I know I will continue to do so, so plaster me up!!
Other than that NOTHING has really been happening, except for this horrific HOT weather. I'll keep ya updated!