Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm going shopping!..

...well kinda, today is payday and for the first time in 5, yes count them 5 weeks, I will actually have some extra money to spend! Not a lot mind you, but I can get that toilet brush I've had my eye on, and even some groceries!! woo hoo! I'm so excited~! Ok I've even made a shoppng list: Toilet brush, nails and hammer, spatula with a metal handle (as opposed to plastic because mine bends all the time), shampoo...ok it's not the most exciting list, but it's mine!! I'm also going to buy an Air Conditioner to put in my window, which brings me to my dilema. How the heck do I install it? how do I get it up the stairs? granted my arm is doing MUCH better, I'm not sure about hauling an A/C up my stairs. Also I'm so paranoid that once I install it's going to fall out my window and kill somebody!! Can you imagaine? Plus I have these really odd shaped windows complete with storm screens, and I'm don't know how to get that out. All I know is I can do it, I have AMAZED myself since moving to South Dakota. Ok I'm not out slaughtering pigs and mending barbwire fences, but I have tackled some difficult tasks. Like a day after I busted my shoulder up I had to put together this stand up fan, with one arm. It took me an hour but I did it. It was a cool fan, not the round kind but the cylindrical kind. I ended up taking it back and getting the money (about $45.00) and putting in gas :-)
So all in all, I'm excited...'cause I get to shop. Dollar store or not, I'm out there! woo hoo!

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