Monday, July 25, 2005

Vacation... cousins from California have been here the last few days and we had a great time at my Uncle's memorial yesterday. It was really great to visit everyone. We had to drive on this dirt road like 5 miles to find the place where my Uncles ashes were scattered, it was a lot of fun. I had my Aunt's car and I must admit, I kind of drove it a "bit" rough :-)
It was fun!! going through mudholes and water and just spinning out. :-)
Now it's back to reality though, back at work and phones ringing and emails coming and people bugging me to do stuff *sigh*. I'm hoping to see my cousin Dawn and my cousin Mel tomorrow. They are supposed to go to the Mammoth Sites in Hot Springs. Just in case, I'm taking tomorrow off! :-) well I mean, I requested it off anyways, if anything I can clean my apartment! It's a mess even I can't stand!
Maybe I'll read a book and just relax, that would be a nice vacation day also :-)

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