Tuesday, August 23, 2005

In the dark...

...can you believe I got my electricity turned off?? Yes, I did. See I was supposed to pay it on the 1st of August, but I was in California at the time. When I got back and found out I wasn't going to get paid for the two weeks I was gone, well that sent me into a panic and I just totally forgot about the electricity arrangement. So I get a notice in the mail that I have a certified letter, and I put it on my shelf with all my other mail and promptly forget about it. Well yesterday I went home at lunch and noticed my power was off. Nothing new, they are working on the poles down the alley from me. So I'm walking out and I notice the notice for the 100th time. So I pick it up and stick it in my pocket because I actually have to go to the Post Office for work anyways. Well I get there and I notice it's from BHP. Black Hills Power...oh oh, coincidence?? I think not. Sure enough I missed the deadline by 5 days! So of course I'm furious at myself for being lazy but what can I do, that's me. IN any case, I have a great reason to go kick it at The Rail with my friends now :-).
It should get turned back on tomorrow.
Oh and one more thing...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ!!!
hugz to all

Friday, August 19, 2005

It's official...

...I am now registered for college. Finally, I moved back here to go to school and almost a year later, it's finally happening. My classes are Lakota 1, Music Appreciation (my fluff class), International Business and Algebra. It seems kind of like a lot, so we shall see how it goes. I went to the campus yesterday and did my orientation and all that. So I only have about a week of fun before classes start then it's time to hit the books and get this shit over with.
Today is kind of chilly, over cast with the sun peeking through at times. I really like the weather here. That's all I have to Blog today, I'm working to catch up on a lot stuff that came up while I was in CA.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


...I'm the big XX this year, I can't believe it. I'M OLD!! It's finally happened, I'm like what the kids on skateboards are talking about! Pretty soon I'll be clipping coupons and eating dinner at 4pm in time to watch Roseanne on TNT before I retire at 8pm!! *gasp* what if I call someone Sonny!! or worse, someone calls me an old fogey...do people even use those terms anymore? Not to mention that being a gay man AND old, is like a double strike. I'm officialy a troll! ugh! am I? no I think that's 50...40? Well I'm close enough! Pretty soon young guys will be hitting me on thinking I'm a sugar daddy! Well they got a surprise coming.
In addition to my birthday, school is also on the horizon for me, I'm very excited about that. Fall is approaching our lovely state and the season will soon be changing. I'm content.
OH yeah, I forgot to mention in my last blog that at the Rally, I saw a woman taking pics on different bikes with her hoo hoo showing!! OH my.
Well my co-workers are calling me for cake, so I best get to eating!
Oh my birthday goal (kind of like a new years) is to get in shape for next summer. That is my goal, so pretty soon my blogs will be angry and hateful as I withdraw from beer, cigs and food that's bad for me!! But then I'm hoping after the first 10lbs are gone, I will be just one BIG RAY OF SUNSHINE...again!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

What a hectic three weeks

...I'm not sure where I could even start. In a sad sad circumstance I went back to California two weeks ago. One of my cousins passed away while some of my other cousins were here in S. Dakota on vacation. It was a really hard trip back. I'm glad that I went though, I felt I needed to be there.
Trying to get back here was insane! Reno had their hot august nights going on this weekend and my bus was always full or late and it just sucked. So I ended up driving back with my brother, we made it in 22 hours. Ugh! I was so tired when I got back, but I'm glad to be home. California is not for me anymore, I was depressed being back there, it's hot and dirty and to many people. I don't know, I mean I lived there for years and I liked it well enough, but being here is so much more... cleaner? laid back? yes I think I would have to use those terms. There is no place like Cali though, that I will admit.
I'm back now, work is chugging away, I'm waiting to register for school next week. Life moves on and I'm moving with it I guess. I went to the Sturgis Rally where there are like a bazillion motorcycles (and yet very few hot men) although if you want to see an older biker chick in a thong, Sturgis is the place to be this week. Although don't expect anything like the models in Low Rider magazine :-)
Oh yeah, my birthday is this week also, I'm so not even excited, no money to do anything. Oh well, just another day.
Until later