Tuesday, August 23, 2005

In the dark...

...can you believe I got my electricity turned off?? Yes, I did. See I was supposed to pay it on the 1st of August, but I was in California at the time. When I got back and found out I wasn't going to get paid for the two weeks I was gone, well that sent me into a panic and I just totally forgot about the electricity arrangement. So I get a notice in the mail that I have a certified letter, and I put it on my shelf with all my other mail and promptly forget about it. Well yesterday I went home at lunch and noticed my power was off. Nothing new, they are working on the poles down the alley from me. So I'm walking out and I notice the notice for the 100th time. So I pick it up and stick it in my pocket because I actually have to go to the Post Office for work anyways. Well I get there and I notice it's from BHP. Black Hills Power...oh oh, coincidence?? I think not. Sure enough I missed the deadline by 5 days! So of course I'm furious at myself for being lazy but what can I do, that's me. IN any case, I have a great reason to go kick it at The Rail with my friends now :-).
It should get turned back on tomorrow.
Oh and one more thing...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ!!!
hugz to all

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