Thursday, August 11, 2005


...I'm the big XX this year, I can't believe it. I'M OLD!! It's finally happened, I'm like what the kids on skateboards are talking about! Pretty soon I'll be clipping coupons and eating dinner at 4pm in time to watch Roseanne on TNT before I retire at 8pm!! *gasp* what if I call someone Sonny!! or worse, someone calls me an old people even use those terms anymore? Not to mention that being a gay man AND old, is like a double strike. I'm officialy a troll! ugh! am I? no I think that's 50...40? Well I'm close enough! Pretty soon young guys will be hitting me on thinking I'm a sugar daddy! Well they got a surprise coming.
In addition to my birthday, school is also on the horizon for me, I'm very excited about that. Fall is approaching our lovely state and the season will soon be changing. I'm content.
OH yeah, I forgot to mention in my last blog that at the Rally, I saw a woman taking pics on different bikes with her hoo hoo showing!! OH my.
Well my co-workers are calling me for cake, so I best get to eating!
Oh my birthday goal (kind of like a new years) is to get in shape for next summer. That is my goal, so pretty soon my blogs will be angry and hateful as I withdraw from beer, cigs and food that's bad for me!! But then I'm hoping after the first 10lbs are gone, I will be just one BIG RAY OF SUNSHINE...again!

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