Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm going back to high school!

...well kind of. Ok so you know I dropped my Lakota language class. Well my friend teaches it at a high school...sooo...she said I can sit on her course! Isn't that great! I feel so old though, but ironically no one has said anything (must be all that water and vitamin C I take). :-)
So in any case, that's going well, I learned a lot in her class already. I need to get a window for my car, tags, groceries. I have a million things to do, oh I also kind of have a stalker but more on that later once I put an end to that. I'm so busy, I have barely enough time to blog!! And I really need to, it's a good release. Ok this weekend is St. Joes Powwow, so I'm going to that. NO work, no studying, just me on the rez at the powwow, I'm looking forward to it. Did I mention I'm smoking again? I am. Like since I drove back to CA with my Aunt Lee and she smoked me out all the way so now I'm like a smoker again!! I enjoy it though, so I don't even bother to try and quit right now. You know, if you don't want to quit, you won't.
I got pulled over yesterday by the cutest cop (here the rambling begins) and he let me go! See I had expired tags unbeknownst to me though, but he remembers when he was a college student and how much a citation like that would have hurt him financially, so he was really cool and I got no ticket. Of course now I'm trying to find my cousin so she can help me get the tags. Did anyone see Supernatural last night? I meant to but I was listening to my music CD for music class and I think I'm beginning to like classical music, or maybe just the stuff I'm listening to, I'm not sure. In any case I really wanted to see that show but I just never really get time to watch TV much anymore, which I guess is a good thing. Ok I have to stop and call about a window for my car, track down my cousin and do all this paperwork on my desk because I guess I need to earn a living no matter how busy I am. Oh and eat some top ramen.

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  1. They haven't commented, because they have been taught to respect their elders. Maybe they think you are the principal or something.