Wednesday, September 7, 2005

School is here...

...and it's kicking my ass. I have one graduate course this semester (International Business) and it's taking a lot of my time, I have an internet math course in which I have YET to crack the book. The sad thing with that is that it's "self paced" okayyy...we all know the pace I tend to take if left to my own devices. In any case, this weekend I will study the hell out of math. I'm in school Tuesday and Thursdays, work three days a week here and also Saturdays. My friend wants to join a gym with me and I'm thinking...when will I have the time??
I'm slowly getting adjusted and trying to tighten up my study habits, it'll be easier as we progress in to Winter and the weather gets cooler. Other than that, not a whole lot going on. My electricity did get turned back on, caught up on my rent and gas and life is good. :-)

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