Tuesday, October 4, 2005

It's pouring outside...

...like the Ark type of storm!! We are supposed to get snow tonight also, so that will be nice to wake up to a wintery wonderland. Hopefully it will stay on the ground for awhile, we could use the moisture. I have nothing of interest to report on, school is good and work is good and that dumbass Arnold in California recently vetoed a gay marriage bill, but who is surprised at that? Not so cool having the Terminator as your Governor now is it? He's offended women rights, minorities rights and lately the civil rights groups of California. I am soooo hoping he does not get re-elected. I expect that from this State, but not Cali, California has always been so progressive and liberal and challenging, I live in a state that has more cattle than people. I'm at work right now, putting in some hours so my paycheck get's a little weight on it! It's getting late but each time I grab my backpack to go, the wind starts howling and the rain is slamming into the windows and it freaks me out, so here I sit, afraid to leave my office!! Well actually see I have to set the alarm and it's at the back door, so then I have to walk aalllll the way around the building to the front of my building where my car is parked. Miss Mantoan is on my cell speakerphone right now telling me about Bride Kidnapping in China...she's begging to be kidnapped 'cause she has no choice! *sigh* I guess this storm ain't that bad after all, I can run through the rain!!

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