Monday, December 19, 2005

Ok, it's done... is over, that's it. So what did I do? I MISSED THE LAST TEST OF MY LAST CLASS OF THE SEMESTER on Friday! I couldn't believe it, I studied my ass for that exam, I set the alarm clock on my cell phone, I went to bed early. I woke up with twenty minutes to get there, my class is 51 miles away. Wasn't going to happen. I felt sick the whole day, it was horrible. I haven't even emailed my profressor...what I'm going to say? Although friends have given me plenty of excuses, but I don't want to lie. So I'm hoping that my grade was strong enough, so that the 100 points I missed out on, will not be to detrimental to me in the long run. International Business was a breeze this semester, now my Math class is kind of still going. Based on a test I took, if I pass it, I get an extension until 1/6/06 if I didn't, I'll be taking an incomplete for the class (it's an internet class). So other than that, life is good. I'm glad school is over and I can breathe a bit now. Miss Mantoan and I are so anxious for the condo that we are hoping to get in March! I'm so looking forward to it, she's kind of a technofile so we'll have all the good stuff like cable and wireless internet and such.
It's going to be way better than here! So the other morning I get up and wander into the kitchen to get something to drink when I see this little furry head pop out of the pot on the stove, a mouse! He kind of looked at me, and I kind of looked at him and then he just went down through the burners. Once my heart came back down to an acceptable level. I freaked the f*ck out! I was like, OH HELLZ NAW! I am NOT living with vermin! So now I have traps all over the kitchen, I think he lives in my oven to be honest. I just can't live with a mouse, I want to catch him, I NEED to see a body...I must have closure. During the spring and fall I had hornets/yellowjackets/wasps whatever you want to call them, just pop out of my walls in my apartment and I couldn't figure out where they were coming from, I have storm windows but never left them open. I think they live in the walls, with the mice. Ugh! I soooo am ready to go back to Cali now.
A couple more pics of Joseph Sayers! Enjoy!


  1. You are used to living with vermin. That is like the second mouse you have had to kill. Mickey is cool. He serves as food for all of the snakes that must inhabit that godforsaken state. Cornfields and dustbowls. I pity the mouse more for living in your oven. He must not have EVER tasted your cooking.