Friday, December 23, 2005

Rapid City Night Life...

...I'm tired of it. Well two more days and then it's Christmas and then it's New Years and then finally...spring rolls around. Was slow in the office today, I got a lot done though. Most people are out with their families are travelling to their families *sigh*. I will most likely go home and take a nap. I may go out tonight, but I'm so sick of downtown Rapid City, it's like *shiver* just tired. There are 10 bars/clubs down town ALL with in a 3 block walking area. Murphys-Irish "themed" bar, I don't care for it, reminds me of a Chilis the way it's set up. St. Joes Pub-rocker/punker/goth or just whatever bar. The Brass Rail (my hang out), little neighborhood bar...kind of like the official unofficial "gay" bar of Rapid City. Paddy's-lounge in the lobby of the Hotel Alex Johnson, it's ok, I don't like the crowd that goes there, kind of uppity. The Big's allright, they have big couches you can sit on which I kind of like and sometimes they show video's on the wall. The Firehouse, more of an eatery but great beer! Fatty's- dance club which I CAN NOT STAND! ugh! same people every week. Now when you have a little neighborhood bar and it's the same 10 people each week, those are regulars. If you have 300 of the same people each week, that's just tired.
Philly's, lounge at the Radisson, good live music. Finally Woody's-the biggest club in town but not the busiest. So that's it, those are my choices.
Well I must be going, I would wait until 5:01 to blog! but time to go!
Here is Frederic Michalak again, the hot french rugby player. Enjoy!

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