Tuesday, December 27, 2005

X-MAS is over!

Thank goodness, now we just have to get New Years out of the way and the new year begins. For Christmas all my relatives went down to my Grandma's on the rez and I stayed here in Rapid and cleaned my apartmetnt, no, it wasn't sad or lonely, if anything I was quite proud of getting a lot done. I had to borrow my aunts vacuum but I finally got it all done. Other than that NOT A DAMN thing going on, although I did see this one guy out last night who looked so famiiar to me, yet...I was also kind of scared of him. It was like a bad de ja vu and he kept looking at me and I kept looking away because I didn't want him to come and talk to me, weird. He was good looking though.
Heres some A&F hotties...

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