Monday, January 9, 2006

Angeli del Rugby...

...this is also a rugby team who decided to do a calendar for charity. They are the Italian Rugby Team...all firefighters. Not sure what this means (ignorant American on rugby) but they won a gold something or other in Quebec last year. So kudos to them...enjoy the video and let me know whom you think is hotter, I'm going for the French Rugby Team myself. :-)

(may take a min. to load)

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  1. Hey there! Ciao from Rome, Italy
    Thanks for making the post about the "Angeli del rugby MMVI" calendar. There are more photos here

    This national team is made up entirely of profesional firemen and the majority of profits benefit Hurricane Katrina victims...

    There really isn't a comparasion betweenthe two calendars -- this is not a commercial endeavor it is an art endeavor limited to only 3 000 to aide my native Mississppi hometown and New Orleans as the people attempt to rebuild their lives....

    Again, thanks, much appreciation from Rome,

    LeeAndrew GIABENELLI