Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Finally 2006 is here!

The holidays are over, back to school, back to work back to normalcy...well at least for me anyways. My holidays were totally uneventful, unless you count the New Years Eve stripper that I swear followed us from bar to bar New Years Eve. Finally at St. Joes Pub he was on the pool table when we walked in doing a strip teas and was down to his boxers. The lady next to me was like "he's not really going to do it is he?" Well considering I've already seen him naked twice that night, I really should have put some money on it. My friend Tatum got tipsy and when that happens, watch out all men with in a 20 foot radius! She ended up kissing the bouncer, which was ok because he was FINE! Tall man, looked like he just got out of prison with huge arms covered wtih Tats...oh yeah. All in all, it was an ok New Years. I registered for classes again this semester but I'll be missing the first week as I'm going back to Cali for a week! Hoping to see Brokeback Mountain while I'm there! Here are some pics of a man that just seems like he was put together by Abercrombie & Fitch Scientists!! He's Brazilian Model Rafael Verga !!

It's just not natural to be so perfect!!

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