Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A message from Lee Andrew...

...in posting the video for the "making of" calendar yesterday I was so excited that the photographer himself emailed me to enlighten me on the true endeavors of this project: Thanks for posting the information about the "Angeli del rugby MMVI" calendar... I have added your post to the list of top international bloggers, news journalist worldwide. Please consider making a correction and posting the facts about this unique production... it is not like the French version --
This national team is made up entirely of profesional firemen and the majority of profits benefit Hurricane Katrina victims...

There really isn't a comparasion betweenthe two calendars -- this is not a commercial endeavor it is an art endeavor limited to only 3 000 to aide my native Mississppi hometown and New Orleans as the people attempt to rebuild their lives....

Again, thanks, much appreciation from Rome,


He also had this press release available:

Rome Italy- The National Italian Rugby Team composed entirely of firefighters bare all for chairty to help raise money for the USA hurricane Katrina relief stateside, chiefly of the Mississippi Delta region where the photographer Lee Andrew Giabenelli was born.. The champion professional firefighters and ruby players won their divisional gold medal this past July in Quebec, Canada deafeating Australia. The anticipated debut premiere of the teams calendar has taken the city of Rome and the Internet by storm. The Italian fire chiefs are not thrilled about the exploits of the team and have forbidden participation in promoting the calendar in Italy by the teams members. This Italian national rugby team are champions on the field and heroes as first responders in these times that we live.

What a wonderful charity! Mr. Gianbenelli is right, there really is no comparison between the calendars ;-)
and with that...a couple more pics from the Angeli del Rugby calendar!

I love the cover!

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