Monday, January 30, 2006

More behind the scenes of Dieux Du Stade...'s another video for everyone to enjoy. I have yet to go online and try to purchase the DVD for the "Gods of the Stadium" but it's on my list of things to do. I also need to dig up some more Joseph Sayers photo's been awhile since I've blogged him. Speaking of doing things, tonight I'm going to the North American Sheepdog Trials here at the Stock Show which is going on this week. That should be interesting. I wasn't even sure they had competitions for that type of event. In any case I'm going to check it out and see what the local hoopla is all about. I was telling my friend via email about the weekend I had and she asked why I am not blogging it? I didn't think it was anything interesting but she seemed to think so, so here ya go: Well I met this dude at The Rail who did everything he could, to get into my pants. The Rail is a straight gay friendly bar btw. Now granted after being "with out" for so long, one would think it's not difficult to get in my pants, but he was just so arrogant and cocky I had to "tease" him the whole night. We ended up at an after hours party together, and then I finally just walked home after that (it was basically across the street from where I lived). He never did get any, but he was actually a most interesting person. Very smart, considers himself "straight" but believes a man knows what a man want's in bed. *sigh* why do I always attract those? I can't remember when I was actually hit on by a GAY guy. In any case, I had actually seen him at a house party last week (that's where he remembered me from when he approached me in the bar) and at that time he was in the back room with another guy doing their version of Fight Club. *sigh, again* I asked him if that was his "thing" ya know, the pain and all that and he said no he was just having fun. That was the same night that I saw a guy put a saftey pin through his penis (the skin part), a cutter-who cut his forearms and just like bled all over...eww! and a giant of a man who was quiet and just watched everybody, all at the same party. I'm so ready to come home. I'm to old for this crap. I got home 5 a.m. sunday morning!! Needless to say I was not very productive yesterday. The weekend before was the circus party (that's what we call it now because it was kind of like a circus) all in all they are very nice people and I'm just getting to know them, so I guess I allow for some ahem things to just not affect me to much, but the that was just gross. He needs to carry papertowels to wipe up after himself!! Yuck!
Ok here's another Dieux Du Stade Video, a behind the scenes look. They are just to beautiful! Until later. Enjoy!

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