Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Absolutely Nothing to say...

...really. The Olympics are over and I miss them, for 16 days we had a very casual relationship and now I just feel lost without them. On the other hand, when my friend gets back from the field, we plan on taking Yoga at the Y and work our way up to Pilates. My future roommate is totally exhausting me. In addition to being female with a surgery on the way and her mom resenting her for it as well as the rest of her "fluffy" gang, she is feeling unwanted where she currently lives. Miss Mantoan has a lot on her plate and I feel for her, on the other hand I think she's stressing herself out. Then again, nothing really bothers me, maybe it's because I've been in South Dakota for a year and a half? Naw....I try and make a conscious decision to not get stressed out, I mean why bother? At the most we have a couple of months before our condo is ready, if that falls through we can find something else. It's really that simple. Although if you feel unwanted renting the room of a friend and you get the feeling you're unwanted...well I can understand that also. As time comes closer for my move, maybe I'll feel a bit anxious, but for now, it's so far off...I really just don't see the point. Work is good, school is good, that's about all I have going on for me. Oh, I did go bowling last Friday, now that was interesting, I found out I'm quite good...ok I'm good...well I can get the ball to the end of the lane! :-)

Today's tidbits are some A&F guys...I read this interesting article about the CEO of A&F...he's um, a bit eccentric...and check out his pic...for being 61...he should have let himself age naturally.

Have a great Tuesday!

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