Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I might have to dress up as a cowboy...

...IF I get this server position at the Desperado (no really, that's the name). So I drove up to Hill City Saturday afternoon and the Black Hills were gorgeous! It was a sunny day and there was still snow on the ground but melting rapidly as we warmed up to a nice 40 degrees. As I pulled into Hill City, I'm thinking of Old Towne Folsom (CA), total tourist trap but definitely has character and somewhat, old style, charm. I met the owners of the restuarant amidst the construction and remodeling going on. They were nice and we had a great chat for like an hour. I think I might get it! The only thing is that if so, they want to keep the Western "theme" and I have to wear boots, jeans and either a white button shirt or a western print shirt. Ok you know I'm going to rock this look! I think it would be really painful to be on your feet all day in cowboy boots (Ok, I know, Ranchers do it all the time)but still. So I can wear other styles of boot, they just have to be boots, jeans and I'm thinking of a western shirt in royal blue (I look good in royal blue) with silver snaps! Possibley a huge silver belt buckle also. Really, I mean if you're gonna do it, do it right! So since I'm Lakota the owners really liked that also and are planning on serving some Native dishes (which coincidentally I also know how to make). I think that works in my favor and I'm just glad they didn't ask me to serve in a breechcloth though, let's try to keep the reality aspect to a minimum okkay?! All in all it was a good interview and I'm hoping I get it. I really can not imagine being here until July (projected move back to California date). If possible I'd like to move back sooner than that. Granted I'll be working 7 days a week but that's a good thing since I don't know what do with myself as it is, being out of school for the semester. In retrospect, had I KNOWN it was going to be a July moving date, I would have never busted my ass to finish my online classes in Mid March!! ugh!
We'll see...

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