Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Video Games and Wake up Calls.

...I'm not really into video games, I dunno why, they just bore me. Maybe it's because I suck at 'em? Esepcially the ones where you have to think about where would the Head Vampire be hanging out if I was a dragon who changed into a ground hog every time my life was in danger. I like the racing games though, anything where I can compete angainst somebody else and I'm there! In any case check out this game called Rong it's like Pong but only in a circle. It's addictive, my high score is 114 BUT I've only had a chance to play it twice, I'm hoping to improve on that!

Also this is a cool website where you can (for free) schedule a wake up call with a guitar solo, or poetry etc. Just enter your phone number and the time. Great way to also submit your work if your an artist or poet etc.


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