Monday, April 24, 2006

Author of Broadway's Avenue Q is tired of Jay Leno

Jeff Whitty wrote a letter to Jay Leno to let him know how tired he was of Jay's jokes about gay people.
" I caught your show when you had a tired mockery of "Brokeback Mountain," involving something about a horse done up in what you consider a "gay" way. Man, that's dated. I turned the television off and felt pretty fucking depressed. And now I understand your gay-baiting jokes have continued." You can read the whole letter here. I never thought of Jay as being offensive, I find him funny, but he (as most comics did) just had a field day with Brokeback Mountain material, it did get tiring. Good job Mr. Whitty.

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  1. Kudos to that dude for getting the steam to actually write something instead of just grumbling about it. I thought it was good that Jay sat down with him and talked, not apologizing, but looking at it from both sides.

    Yeah, after about 2 days those jokes got really stale really fast.