Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Columbia House offers no live help!

Don't you hate when you call a company and their 800# has no live people but says "I'm sorry, that is not an option this menu" whenever you hit the 0 for a human being. I signed up with the Columbia DVD group and they sent me this info about how they want to go paperless and log onto the website to sign up and blah blah. So I tried, granted I don't have my account number with me, but even on the 800# you can't get past anything without FIRST entering your number. So I sent the following email (which at least they offered that).

First of all your 800 customer service number sucks! You can't get a live person. I'm here at school trying to use the DVD website for the whole "paperless" ordering but left my account info at home 45 miles away. I can't get a live person to answer my question and there is no help on this website. It's like I'm supposed to have memerized my 11 account number and just have it on me all the time. So obviously the question to this message is could you please send me my account number, and yes I'll validate my address:

Depending on the response to this message will decide on whether or not I even want to do business with a company who doesn't offer "live assistance".

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