Monday, April 17, 2006

Joseph Sayers in a Pet Shop Boys Video! cool! I love youtube
Didn't do much this weekend. I went out Friday with some friends and I had the BEST time! Normally when I go out here in S. Dakota it can be really boring but Friday night was actually a blast. I danced, ALMOST did Karaoke (just not drunk enough!) played pool, bar hopped, it wast great. On the other two of my friends left today for Wyoming where they had found new jobs (they're archaeologists) and I'm going to really miss them. They were hella cool and smart and funny and you could actually carry on an intelligent conversation with them. I know they will do well!
So tonight I go and meet the rest of the "crew" at the new restaurant where I will be working. We'll see how that goes.
Ok here is the video, Joseph is the Angel in wings...but of course.

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