Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The move is gettting closer... future roomie Miss Mantoan is getting closer and closer to finding a place for us in California. For those who don't know the story, I was born here in SD but basically "grew up" in Cali, moved back here two years ago for school, and now am looking to move back to Cali this summer. So while I'm here trying to make ends meet on a pitiful state job, she's back there looking at condos and houses and duplexes and such. She's actually doing a really good job, she's hustling, on the ball and somewhat optimistic. I just want her to find something, then I can get excited. Then I can feel like I have something to look forward to, until then it still just seems like a dream for me. I mean, it' s not a dream, it's not like I'm some small town boy with the glimmer of Hollywood lights in his eyes are anything, Hellloooo I've lived there for like 20+ years already! It's just that after being here for so long and adjusting to the culture and financial shock of this place, California really does seem like it's a millions of miles away. I know it's going to happen, I know pretty soon I'll be back where I belong having drinks with friends at some trendy new bar or billiards hall. I'll be able to shop at my favorite places, do my favorite things and be with friends and family again. I know it'll happen, it's just frustrating waiting until then. In the meantime, living here is going ok, STILL waiting for the cowboy restaurant to open up so I can start waitering on the weekend, possibly this weekend. Same ol same ol with the "downtown" scene, it's getting kind of boring actually. I've met some nice people in the time I've been here, but like everything else, I'm ready for this cycle to end and being something else, elsewhere. ;-)
life is wonderful

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