Friday, May 5, 2006

And the search goes on...

...well future roomie is still looking for a place for us. So far nothing has come up that really captures our eye(s). Although she did find a two bedroom duplex that she likes and has applied for. It seems like a positive situation as the landlord is really nice and seems excited about renting to us. Although we already went through that with another potential duplex and that didn't materialize. I just want a place that's all, some place where I can ship my shit back and have something to look forward to, is that to much to ask? As it is, if we do get the place she applied for, it may not be until July 9th. JULY 9TH!! ugh! I don't want to spend another summer here, I don't want to spend my birthday here, I just want it done. It's not like I hate it here, I don't, but I just want to get my life started back home, with my friends and family. I'm getting anxious and frustrated. Not a good feeling. It'll happen, I know it will but time is ticking and I have to put notice in on my apartment, my job etc. I JUST NEED A MOVING DATE!! Life would be easier to plan if we had a place already and I knew where and when I was going. *sigh* ok enough of that. Happy Friday everyone, Happy Cinco De Mayo also! Big party in California, not so much here, besides I have to work the cowboy cuisine tomorrow. ;-)
life is wonderful

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