Thursday, August 31, 2006

People drive so fast...

...seriously, I feel like such a hick since I got back. People drive so crazy and fast, if you do the speed limit, it's like you will get ran over and a ticket for driving to slow!! Insane. It's huge here and so many people, guess I've been gone a long time. Still looking for a job, only been a couple of days so far. The car is running great, my brother fixed it and it's like a whole new car now. Thank goodness for that! Been getting in touch with people and making plans to go out and do things, will feel better once I am employed though. I've applied at restaurants and for some office positions. Not really wanting to go back into the office, but I'm broke so I have to take what comes my way. The best thing? Everyone noticing how much weight I've lost! My mom even said I was anorexic, it was great, then she proceeded to fix me the biggest sandwich ever! LOL

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm back mothafuckas!

Ok, since I got back to Cali (tonight at midnight actually), my ghettoness has come out...what I meant to say's so lovely being here...again. No, it's not. Ok first, I lost the key to my car in windover Nevada, where I was stranded for three days ($245.00). So I finally got someone to make me a key (for a $125!) and then an hour after I left Windover, muffler blew the pipe out of manifold. I am so not shitting you (see how I cuss more since I've been here??). So I found a guy in Winnemucca, NV to "kind of fix it" my car now sounds like a 1970 Volkswagon Beetle, but I made it home ($95). I love our new place, it's great. I can't really drive my car so I'm way in debt and stranded, but hey, good to be home!! Now I warned you all I was going to bitch, to much traffic, to many many rude people. I miss the nice quiet part of living in South Dakota blah blah...and it's all true. I'm hoping I made the right decision. On the other hand, I didn't wear a shirt all the way home and three truckers honked at me! and not the big fat greasy ones! ;-) I guess I'm glad to be here, but my car almost died, I'm broke as shit (see, still the cussin)but I'm here. I guess that's all that really matters. Ain't no place like Cali (AND I use bad English, oy vey!) Soooo...not Jewish.
p.s. Miss Mantoan has this BEAUTIFUL marble cat, but he's such a bitch!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

It's Rally Time...

...So the Sturgis Rally is going to be starting this weekend and when I checked my schedule, I seem to have been made a permanent fixture of the restaurant! Because I never leave!! I'm doing 10 days straight, 12 hour days. Then I get my b'day off (go me!) then I do another 8 days straight. THEN I get to pack up my car and drive back to California! woo hoo! I can't believe it's almost over, back to civilization and culture and art and people who don't say Git R Done. Back to real Mexican food and 24 hour restaurants, like Jocelyn commented on one of my posts, being from Cali rules! Ok so you know I'm going to complain when I get back BUT for now...I'm anxious to go!! Oh and thanks to the people at Beautiful for posting more pics of my man Joseph Sayers, he's so hot! Well maybe, just maybe...the next time I blog it'll be from me and Miss Mantoan's lair in California!!