Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do one good deed...

...I personally try everyday to do ONE good act of kindness. Obviously I hope I do more, but I consciously try and do at least one. Whether that be letting someone in front of me in traffic, if I'm grocery store shopping and I have a lot but the person behind me just has a bottle of water, I let them go through. Really, just one thing a day. I try, sometimes I do two! Sometimes I forget until I say my prayers and then I'm like, shit!
So that's why I really like these commercials. I know nothing about the company but I like the message the commercial sends. I think it's important, I mean when is the last time you witnessed a random act of kindness? It would be nice if the world was really this way, well I think it might could be. ;-) peace

Part 1

Part 2

Monday, September 24, 2007


Ok, my mind hurts! It's all a blur...did you see it? did you like it? Chills when I saw the previews for the rest of this season! I watched Chuck, then Heroes and now Journeyman...Mondays will be busy for me this season! Ok yes I put a lot of emphasis on TV and yes I could focus attention else where but hell, I work a lot! Tonight is a great night of TV, the new season starts...I got kudos at is wonderful. ;-) peace


Tonight is the the season premiere of the second season!! More later...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Songs of Sunday

Howdy! Can I just say...that last night was my official last night out! Really, I'm to old...I don't wanna hear, your as young as you feel or age is just a number. No, I woke up with what I thought was a massive hangover, then I thought about it ('cause the mind is going too)I didn't drink that much, and, I don't drink hard alcohol. Just beer! So I'm like ok...then why do I feel like a truck not only ran over, but then backed up and did it again? My body hurt, I was nauseous, headache etc. but I didn't get drunk!!?? Well factor into the fact I'm usually in bed by midnight (and I think I'm cool, cause ALL my friend are in bed between 9 and 10). So I'm talking to Greg and I'm like, ya know...I tried to find an I got blitzed last night, but that wasn't the case. The case, was...I'm old and I stayed up way past my bedtime and not only that, but I was actually busy walking and being social and all of that after midnight. *sigh* I got into bed around 3:30 a.m.! Like normally the time I get up to pee!!
So Mecca, who is way younger than I am, felt the same way today, but she was shooting Tequila so, um...she has an excuse. The last time either one of us went out was on my birthday!
In any case, we were both a wreck this morning and I'm really thinking of like, joining a Bunko group on my Saturday nights! ;)

Today's videos is Mika's Big Girl video...I love the tune and the video is cute, well anything with Mika in it will be cute. ;-) Skinny bitch! (oh yes, I'm so a hater today!)
Have a great week everyone! ;-) peace

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Thoughts...

For the regular readers you know Random Thoughts are usually memories I have from childhood..... or yesterday. :) Today I was thinking of how I had to sit on my dads shoulders when we were walking through a field because of the grasshoppers, yes grasshoppers! They were swarming! My brother froze in the same field as I did, but I was able to run back to my dad and I rode his shoulders to go back and get my brother. Ok, we were like 6 and 3 at the time, so the field was probably our back yard! LOL no, it was a field and we were probably no more than a few feet from my dad but it seemed like miles. We went and got my brother and my dad picked him up too and I remember telling him was ok, I guess I felt strong 'cause I was on my dads shoulders. I don't have a lot of fond memories of my dad...but that's a good one. We get along ok now, but it is memories like that, that I truly treasure.
Happy Hump Day tomorrow. ;-) peace

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Golfing nut!

Ok, so I suck...I do...but then...then I get that one nice hit on the ball and hit the sweet spot and it's all worth slamming my club into the ground all the other times!! LOL Naw, I am getting better but this evening was just a real bad round! It was a new course though and I always do bad on a new course I've never been on (well not this bad!). Other than my aspirations to be a better golfer not much going on. I know I need to move as I'm really itching for my own place now but it's just matter of saving and looking and all that comes with moving. I'll miss my roomie though, we get along ok. People who play golf or so nice, it's like all about etiquette and I must say, it works. I golf alone (awww, poor me) and a lot of time if I'm waiting on a couple in front of me, if they don't ask me to play through ('cause as a single you go faster) they will ask me to play with them, like tonight. Great way to meet new people and also learn the sport of golfing from others. One of the perks? Hot guys like to golf!! LOL so um on that note, enjoy! Hope everyone has a great week! ;-) peace

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Perez Hilton

*sigh* I can't stand him, he's fat, he's ugly...he's just nasty but I'm watching his show on VH1, Perez sez about the VMA's. He says Britney is a train wreck (no argument here) but he is a train wreck! WHY CAN'T I TURN AWAY, WHY CAN'T I CHANGE THE CHANNEL? I'm so ashamed right now, I feel dirty, I need to flog myself like the albino in the Da Vinci Code! So since it's on VH1 and since his/her show is on 11-midnight...the next program on is Nocturnal State...VIDEOS!
The first video the night? One of my fave songs...Nickelbacks Rockstar! Why can artists say bitch on the radio waves but they can't drugs? You can say ho and ass and bitch, but you can't say drugs? Amazing. In any case...enjoy this many "stars" can you find in the video?

Was that Wayne Gretsky??

I love Paul Wall...anybody know who that is in the Vid?

Well if you don't here he is in a Brooke Hogan video...yum.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Plumbing Problems... no, my plumbing is fine! Here is the thing, my roomie thinks that our bathroom smells like sewage and the toilet doesn't flush properly. I can't smell anything and the toilet flushes fine for me. She has been going back and forth with the landlord and we have a cheap landlord who doesn't want to pay for anything. So um, I just sit here and let them go at it. So my roomie is like, we need to tag team her in our tag team? It smells fine and the toilet flushes like every other one I have ever flushed, I would be lying! So I just basically say, well give me the script and I'll look at it and perhaps the tag team thing can happen. Now, I can't smell much at it really could smell bad...but I would like to think I could smell sewage! ;-) peace

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Robin Thicke

So I'm sitting here EXHAUSTED after golfing all weekend (I'm telling you Golf is the new crack!) Well at least for me...wait...I've never done crack, that didn't sound good. But you mean what I know! So N E ways...I'm on the couch, I want to put a DVD in but it's so far away and I can't reach it. The remote is SO much closer! So I grab it start flipping and fire up the laptop, the first thing I see on Yahoo is how Britney opened the MTV VMA's...and um...she kinda sucked. Well shit, I gotta check this out so I point the clicker to the VMA's, yes!! I catch the last couple minutes of her "opening" performance and it was roomie asked me later how it went and I responded "she looked like a fat cow caught in the headlights of a tractor!" I don't know why that came up first thing, but it did. Now ok, she has had two kids and I understand she's not as tight as she used to be, with that being said...don't wear a two piece! She looked dazed and confused and then she ran off the stage when her set was done! Ugh! Time to hit the pipe? dayum!!
Oh, got off one of the artists nominated for a VMA was Robin Thicke, ok, who knew his daddy was Alan Thicke from Growing Pains! I thought his dad was hot when I was growing up!! His son, is even finer!! So that's my pretty eye candy for tonight! ;-) peace

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm back...

...I had a great time in Oregon and I was so excited to try out my new clubs. I mean my game sucked, but at least it sucked with my own brand new clubs! Which are now dirty by the way...I need to clean them. My brother and cousin are coming down in a few weeks, so by then...I need to get my "A" game going....or...get a game going. I'm going to go to the driving range at least twice a week and go and play 9 holes on the weekends. I'll probably have to go by myself but that's ok, I want to get better. Work is going to pick up again as I'm being assigned to work with a new team who have a lot for me to do. So that's good, I'm also cutting back on the amount of time I put it with this job. My brothers life in Oregon was just so peaceful and laid back that I realized how hurried and stressed I am. Don't get me wrong, my brother can keep his little coastal town of 6,500 people, I need my freeways, traffic jams and the occasional helicopter flying over head with a searchlight! Although, I'm sure I can attain a work/life balance that is both productive and not so stressful. All in all it was a good trip and I'm glad I went and I'm anxious to get back on the course and work on my swing. I took some photos and posted them on MySpace, feel free to check them out. Can I just say that all the photos were taken with my 2 megapixel Nokia phone and I must say they look pretty darn good for a camera phone!! Well, I didn't get service up um it was just a camera for the duration of my trip! ;-) peace