Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy Wedding Dance!

Hey all, sorry for not posting for a auntie has cancer and while it's not a shock because she's had it for awhile and been doing great, it has spread to her brain.
So been busy with taking her to treatments, and staying with her when no one is home, I'm so glad I can work remotely!! So yeah, been a bit strenuous for sure.
So, I keep watching this video because it's awesome, it's cool and it makes me laugh and smile each time I watch it! lol, hope everyone is well!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I did and I ate sooooo much, and had a great day with my parents! Since I couldn't find any hot men posing next to turkeys.... *I* thought, how about hot men FROM Turkey...oh yea, that's how I roll. ;-) peace

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Search Update

Ok I could have taken care of this awhile ago, but I just now did. The Google Search engine at the bottom of the page had the wrong URL in there, I fixed that. So now you can scroll down and click the radio button for my site and type in um...I dunno... Joseph Sayers and it will open a new window with all my posts of my husband to be. The thing is, if you come back to my blog and try another search, you'll have to refresh the, stay at the search page that opened up and you can do more searches, like Songs of Sunday or Happy Hump Day. :-) Soooo should have fixed that awhile ago, my bad!!

Songs of Sunday

In reference to my previous post, I love this song!! Hope everyone has a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving (you know how lazy I am, just in case I don't post before then!) but I'll try! ;-) peace

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's finally happened...

...I am so old now, that I was doing a search to download some Depeche Mode and in one of the results, was "I just can't get enough (the Gap Commercial)" *sigh* music is now being referenced as a commercial...for the younguns who have never heard (nor danced) to the original. When it was played at the "alternative" One Step Beyond in San Jose, CA. Anyone ever heard of it? It was (as they say these days) The Shit. Dang, I must have been 19 when I first went there, oh I was the total alternative boy...dyed hair, black and white hounds tooth pants with a white shirt and black vest! LOL
What brought this all on was, I noticed in my Yahoo IM you can do these plug in thingys. (Ok I mean I've seen them forever but tonight actually checked them out)and so I did the Yahoo plug in for their radio station. I clicked on all stations and saw 80's alternative, normally that means depeche mode and the cure...but they actually have played some real cool stuff! I haven't heard Yaz or Thompson Twins or the Cromags or Oingo Boingo or Soft Cell or Strawberry Switch blade (and if you know who they are, we are destined to be together!). I have heard Real Life, Cocteau Twins and Dream Academy which is quite impressive. In any case, I just started listening to it, so who knows...OMG the are playing OMD now!! (and that stands for??) Have a great Friday tomorrow... ;-) peace.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Ok, I've Humped him before (ok not REALLY) but ya know what I mean. He is William Levy and yes he's somewhere in my archives and I think of him as a walking sin, because it really is a sin to be this beautiful! Enjoy! ;-) peace

But how do they taste?

Weird News Wednesday.

By Mica Rosenberg Wed Nov 14, 3:27 PM ET

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) - A tropical fish that lives in mangrove swamps across the Americas can survive out of water for months at a time, similar to how animals adapted to land millions of years ago, a new study shows.

The Mangrove Rivulus, a type of small tropical killifish, seeks refuge in shallow pools of water in crab burrows, coconut shells or even old beer cans in the tropical mangrove swamps of Belize, the United States and Brazil.

When their habitat dries up, they live on the land in logs, said Scott Taylor, a researcher at the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program in central Florida.

The fish, whose scientific name is Rivulus marmoratus, can grow as large as three inches. They group together in logs hollowed out by insects and breathe air through their skin instead of their gills until they can find water again.

The scientific breakthrough came after a trip to Belize.

"We kicked over a log and the fish just came tumbling out," Taylor told Reuters in neighboring Guatemala by telephone. He said he will publish his study on the fish in The American Naturalist journal early next year.

In lab tests, Taylor said he found the fish can survive for up to 66 days out of water without eating, and their metabolism keeps functioning.


Some other fish can survive briefly out of water. The walking catfish found in Southeast Asia can wriggle over land for hours at a time, while lungfish found in Australia, Africa and South America can survive out of water, but only in a dormant state.

No other known fish can be out of water as long as the Mangrove Rivulus and remain active, according to Patricia Wright, a biologist at Canada's University of Guelph.

"They can survive for weeks without really dropping their metabolic rate. They remain relatively responsive and active for weeks in air," she said.

The fish may hold clues to how animals evolved over time.

"These animals live in an environment that is similar to conditions that existed millions of year ago, when animals began making the transition from water onto land," she added.

Surviving on land is not the only unusual behavior exhibited by the fish. They have both testes and ovaries and essentially clone themselves by laying their own, already fertilized eggs.

"This is probably the coolest fish around, not only do they have a very bizarre sex life, but they really don't meet standard behavioral criteria for fishes," said Taylor in a summary of his paper.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Ok so Chuck is getting better each week, I think. It's wacky but it's good. Heroes on the on the other hand, it kind of going the way of Lost second season (yes I know I watch to much TV!). It's to much reading now with the Hiro going back in time and the lady with the black tears!! Although I am wondering exactly what happens, well besides people dying. I'm watching Heroes now and it's giving me the chills!
Ok enough to that, is anybody else using Windows Vista? I'm wondering if it slows down anybody else's machine? I just got a new Vaio and it has Vista on it and it doesn't seem as fast as it should be? In any case, I'm having fun playing with my new toy and figuring things out. Hope everyone has a great week and I will blog very soon, 'cause I've had some random thoughts that keep coming up. :-) peace

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Ok, so it's been a minute but I got a new laptop and I've been playing with it and Windows Vista. Also my brother was down this past weekend, so it's been all about Golf and Bowling. Oh and not to mention, I'm on season 4 of Charmed! So yeah been busy, ok not like "helping the world" busy...but busy in my own way. :-) So, on that note...can we just breathe and take a look at Hotness on this humpday!!? ;-) peace

Friday, November 2, 2007

My First Time... watching a TV episode on line on a laptop!! You pervs!! :-D So I missed Ugly Betty tonight and I know they show the episodes online after the show...soooo...I thought...well, beats waiting for the DVD. Ok, I ordered a laptop earlier this week and hope to get it tomorrow, my work laptop has what I think is a 12 or 13 inch scree and it's not HD or anything like that. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow though so I just gave it a try. Hmm..if you're lying in bed, in the dark, on your back and have the laptop on your your stuffed bulldog pillow on your's really not that bad. Especially with headphones, it's like surround sound!!
I'll keep ya updated. :)

Hmmm....commercials...guess we can't escape them even in cyber world eh? Liking this episode though! Feels weird to laugh in the dark...alone. *shiver*
Ok, ad is over.

Gio is kinda short.
Poor Henry and Betty, they can't have a real date!! Ewww, it is not almost 1:3O a.m.! 20 more minutes left.

LMAO, "you're about to hear a cough, that's me saying hello" from Betty "you're about to hear a sneeze, that's me, saying hello" from Henry. Then Gio says to Betty, "you're about to hear a gagging, that's me, gagging" LOL I almost woke my roomie up I think. I know this makes no sense to those who don't watch Ugly Betty, but hey...that's why it's my Wonderful World. :)

There are just as many commercials in the webstreaming then the TV version!

LMAO!! the gay son "you didn't last 'cause you got a big mouht" LOL

Great episode! My Tv Episode Via the Internet cherry has been popped! And you all thought it would be Heroes! Except I NEVER miss that show. Off to bed my brother is down this weekend, so it's all about golfing! Hope everyone has a good weekend!
;-) peace