Sunday, April 29, 2007

Music Sunday!

Hello all! Tomorrow means back to work (well for most of you, not me, I'm still on "hiatus!") but my second interview is Tuesday so this may be my last free Sunday for awhile. So I'm thinking on Sundays when families are having picnics and people are going to church and men with big bellies are watching football...well, I'm thinking pics of hot men may not be appropriate. So, how about music videos of the latest and greatest (and I'll try not to play mainstream Beyonce shit!), oh...and hey, if they have hot men in them...oh's still music! Today though, is an animation of a song I love called Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John. It kind of reminds me of the 80's and yes I am an 80's child (Yaz, DM, Communards, Real Life etc.) alternative, new wave, mod 80's...that was me. Hmm...maybe I'll have an 80's day too. Which reminds me, can someone please tell me how to stream music on my blog? Or maybe stream is not the word, but be able to play music on my blog? Thanks for any help! have a great night! ;-) peace

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello Everyone... hiatus is coming to an end soon. First of all, my dream to become a bartender may be put on hold. I have a second interview with Intel this coming week, so I was thinking I may have to put bartending school off. I've had a great week, it's almost over and I am sad to say that I will miss being in the sun in the middle of the day! I hope everyone had a great week and an even better weekend! ;-) peace
oh, so um, I feel like being a bit enjoy! I may make this a "weekend" thing. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ok, I love me some Mo'Nique...big time. I just saw her special "I could have been your been Cellmate" and it was great. She was funny as shit and yet I still cried seeing them women in prison. Check it out, it's worth it...Mo'Nique

;-) peace

I'm kind of on vacation!

So I decided to put bartending school off for a week and just chill this week, it has been great. I am doing nothing, I'm also finding I'm not the type of person to just do nothng, but I am 1 disc away from finishing the second season of Charmed! :-) I've been to the gym, a drive in the hills, casino, a movie etc. I'm getting bored now! lol
hope everyone is doing well! ;-) peace

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One more day...

...I'm not sure if I mentioned but tomorrow I will have no job. This assignment ends on Friday. While I am sad to go because I have made some very nice friends here, I need a break. 7mos. with no time off, I need a few days. So my next move? Bartending School. I mean why not? I have always wanted to try it and I love talking to people and if you get a good gig, the money can be great. So yeah, bartending college here I come. Of course if I don't like it, I can always go back in the office. If you've been regular reader you will see that I really like the blue collar work, last year I was so excited to become a waiter/server and I really enjoyed it! That was back in S. Dakota and I had so much fun! The thing is, well it wasn't as lucrative as I thought. I have champagne tastes but it's hard on a beer budget. So we'll give this a go round and see what comes of it. Hope everyone has had a good week so far and even better rest of the week! Oh this fine specimen of a William Levy, I've posted him before but I found some new pics...good lawd, it's a sin to be that beautiful!! ;-) peace

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In honor of those who lost their lives.... Virginia Tech. I pray for all the families and all the victims who were affected by this horrible, horrible event. peace

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Annnd it's Sunday...

...which means tomorrow reality sets in and I'm going back to work! I had a great weekend. My roomies married boyfriends birthday is sometime this month, so she decided to cook for him and his favorite meal? Thanksgiving dinner! So that is what she made, she invited some friends up also. My other friend took off out of town this weekend and offered me the chance to stay at her place (so I can have my space during the whole thanksgiving dinner thing) so I did. It was great, I watched hella DVD's and just being in my own "space" was cool. It was nice and a much needed break. Yesterday I took my mom to lunch and then we picked up my sister, nephew and niece and we all went bowling. Ok, I bought a bowling a ball like a month ago, but I think it's going on Ebay! I my nephew...who is 10!~~ Granted, he had the "bumpers" up, but still! lol It was a great time had by all and even though my sister (who is a drug addict by the way) seemed to be "on", I still just enjoyed the time I had with her and my niece and nephew. I learned to take the "literal" moments I have with them and enjoy them, not judge, not be mad...just enjoy. It was a breakthrough for me actually and a welcomed one. Today I did nothing but sit in my friends apartment and watch movies, it was great! I don't know how to relax or to just chill, which is weird because I am a laid back wise, but's difficutlt to just chill. Well I did that today and it was exactly what I needed. Hope everyone had a great weekend! and hope you all have a wonderful week! ;-) peace

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pink. Dear Mister President...

...ok, I posted this video almost a year's a great song and with so much truth! Well Scott's site just posted it, it seems he just NOW heard it. That is surprising, on his blog he stated that the radio stations won't play it because of the content. I didn't know that. So I say to all bloggers, post it, post a song that says we are done with the Bush administration! I thought everyone had heard this song...I guess not. So, here it is again, let's not live in a Big Brother society.(this video isn't the one I posted, but it was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night) ;-) peace

My original post, better quality...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's Hump Day...

...Hump away! I decided to post multiples, so you can just pick and choose, but don't be greedy and do them all now...that's how rumors start! ;-) I'm cooking a pot o beans right now, lima bean and ham, I've been promising the ladies at work I'd bring them beans. Other than that nothing much going on. Me and the friend who wants to be a monk are doing fine...I finally figured out that...if I'm ok, then whatever my friends are going through...I can be there for them. Well, I'm ok. ;-) peace

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Monday!

Today was a blah day, really, I didn't feel like being in the office, I didn't feel like being awake I didn't feel like eating. I wanted to lay on the couch and watch DVD's *sigh* but I didn't...I worked.. ;-) (y'all know that's for my IT dept. in case they read this right?) ;-) So me and the friend who wants to be a monk are ok, we talked, he then sent an email saying I wasn't supportive (told you!) I responded by stating I never said I didn't support you! I said I don't think this is a vocational calling and you agreed and said you need to go and see if it is, then I agreed and said yes you need to go to Wisconsin and see if it indeed is. I then brought up that it seems you are looking to be "taken care of" if Bruce puts you out, you also agreed and brought up how your aunt agreed also. Now if that is negative or nonsupporting, well then I apologize...I thought it was a very good conversation actually. In any case he wrote back and said I was right and he over reacted...I'm exhausted. So he says he'll let me know what happens when he gets back from the monastery in Wisconsin he is going to go visit in a few weeks. Other than that, life has been wonderful! I went to my moms and ate like I a heffa! I did a lot of walking today though, so my guilt has been appeased! Hope everyone had a great holiday! ;-) peace

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Gay Guru is back!

AND he is alive and well and he was sorely missed, you can check out GG here, welcome him back or just say hello nice to meet ya... ;-) peace!

Bigfoot... Lakota it's called Si Tanka, does anybody else believe? I do, I think...I mean I'm open to the possibility, I mean we can't be EVERYWHERE at once right? We may have missed something. I'm watching this show on the History channel now about it, very interesting. Today was a lazy day, I did nothing but watch a movie (Running with Scissors, very good!) and do some laundry, rearrange my room. Nothing exciting. I'm saving my self for tomorrow when I go to my moms for Easter! I am so gonna chow down! She always makes ham, potato salad, yams...mmm...delish! Hope everyone has a great holiday!! Here are some pics that um, well...your foot won't grow but... *evil grin*
;-) peace!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I can't deal...

...oh don't get me wrong the world is wonderful still, but I just can't deal sometimes. I try to be a good person, a wonderful person even...but sometimes, let me tell ya, it's difficult. So when I left for South Dakota all my friends were cool, everything was nice and whatnot. I move back, my best friend (who is a girl) now wants to be a man and is taking "T". Another friend (the one I live with) is in a serious relationship with a married man. Ok, she's had one serious relationship...there is no way she can handle this if he plays her. *sigh* and now, my bestest friend, my gayest friend, my oldest friends, my dearest friend who I have known half my life...wants to be a monk. If you were drinking a liquid and just snorted out your's ok, I did too. There is nothing Monk like about this person, Nooottthhing!! I know the real reason this has come up, I need to call him, I need to respond to his email but I can't. I need to slap him is what I need to do, but he lives in Colorado so that's a bit difficult. I don't know what to say to him, I don't know how to respond, he called last night but I couldn't take the call...I just couldn't answer the phone. It's bugging me, I need to say SOMETHING, I need to give some support...right? Or do I? I mean just because I'm a good friend, can't I say what I want to say? Can't I just let it all out? Well, yes I can...on my blog!! lol lawd, I hope they don't read this...but if they do, they'll know how I truly feel. Girl who wants to be a man, quit, it's cute...but you are always on the latest trend..and this to shall pass. Girl and married man, yes you are in love, he loves you and all is well...but come on now...until he is on his own, you ARE the other woman. Bestest friend...oh friend, reality is what you are scared of, you've been a housewife for 13 years now and now you want to be taken care of a monastery, where you don't have to do anything...or so you think. Yes the rent is free, there is no light bill and you don't have to go to a job, but you do have to work while you are there...and you can't smoke, and all them drugs you on for depression and OCD and whatever else you "think" you have...gotta stop. Then what? Hopefully your mind will be clear and you can join the real world.

I feel better, was that harsh? Was it wrong? Do I care? Seriously, I got my own shit to deal with, it's hard to be there for people with such serious chaos and still try to live my own life. I guarantee you, if anyone of them read this...I will be the asshole, I will be the unsupportive and callous friend...and yet...not one of them...hardly ever asks how I am doing?? hmmm...
;-) peace

sorry I don't even have the strength to find some photos to upload...or answer my phone if any of my other friends call!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gay Native Americans...

...just found this site, well actually a friend (JD) did for me..seems cool!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Monday....

...not that Monday's can be happy, but some can! Ok, so this weekend...hmm..see I'm not sure if I can fully disclose what I did this weekend, but I had fun (and no not like that) but it could have been! :) I went to SF this weekend and had a ball with my friends! Got back like yesterday morning, was tired as hell and spent the day sleeping, eating and watching DVD's it was fun. The most fun I've had since I've been back! I hope everyone has a great work week! ;-) peace