Sunday, December 28, 2008

Michael Biserta...

...cute, hmm...I thought I blogged him awhile ago. He was the firefighter (Michael Biserta) who did the "Guys gone wild" DVD and then he got fired and then he was hired again. In any case, he's fine no matter if he wants to model or fight fires! ;) peace

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mommas boys...

...a reality show, of course I love it. Okay:

Jojo Bojanowski

is hot! These are the only pics I could find (I am not as skilled as other bloggers) but you get the idea. His mom is off the hook! That b!tch is crazee. There are gay rumors but there always are when some one is hot and on a reality tv show. Um, well just watch the show. Oh, this dude Michae (on the show)l dude picks a platinum blonde big boobed fake ass girl. He actually says "she is as beautiful as a Barbie Doll, who could not like her?" Um, is this a white thing 'cause us natives couldn't afford barbie dolls but is that the american dream? I am just like in awe he would say that, then again...reality TV. Hope you are all well. ;) peace

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Donors Choose Charity... email I sent out earlier that I would like to share with my readers:

I'm watching the news and they are talking about this charity called Donors Choose and it's for teachers who want to buy books or art supplies or whatever they don't have and can't afford to buy and not in the school budget. I'm watching a Bay Area channel and it was real cool and heartwarming and since I'm not doing Christmas this year (I spent way to much last year!) I figured, well I could give a little something to this cause right? I actually am going to donate to charities this year instead of buying gifts for my family (they got spoiled last year) not a huge amount but at least something to a few different ones that I'm considering and I'm also thinking of donating my time on Christmas day to serve food for the homeless. In this economy giving is way down as people decrease their spending, I am totally one of those people but a little here or there adds up for some of these charities. So I went to the website and found it's a national charity. So then I'm thinking hey, sure I lived in the Bay Area but home for me is South Dakota so I checked there and sure enough...there is one teacher on the rez who needs help. One teacher in the whole state!, so that is where I gave and donated. Plus it was for tech request and y'all know how I am about computers, cell phones, mp3 players...GADGETS! lol so I had to give something and her total goal isn't even a lot, well compared to others. Take a moment and check it out, here is the link for the S.D. teacher (who by the way has had no donations and she posted like in mid November) you'll see my pitifully small donation but every dollar counts... plus I'm posting this on my blog so maybe she will get more donations:
but if you can donate, anywhere in the nation I'm sure would help. Off the top of my head being a teacher is the only profession I can think of where at times you actually have to spend your OWN money to change the lives of others and not just others, but children. I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday! Peace and love.
p.s. if you do decide to give, make you sure click the Edit link when you check out!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I hate Bella Swan!!

Yes, I will play the part of a teenage girl but I can't help it! I'm into the Twilight series books and Bella is a whiny, weak, pathetic, goo goo ga ga, wimpy little selfish bitch!! Yes, I know it's just a book but when I read, I get into the story and the characters and there are times when I have to put the book down otherwise I would start slapping the shit out of little teenage girls everywhere! Okay, now that I got that off of my chest, I hope everyone is well and as for me I am doing better. Love my new job, stable living situation and just a lot more happy. I hope everyone has a great Holiday and I know I promise to blog more but I will definitely make an effort. ;-) peace and hugs
Oh and of course I need to leave you with something HOT, how about the new Wolverine trailer?!! ;-)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ryan Kwanten... hot! Hello people, been out of touch for a minute so pardon the lapse in blogging. So I saw this show called True Blood on HBO the other night and Ryan plays a horny guy on there and there was plenty of skin! The show is about vampires "coming out of the coffin" and it seemed okay, I only saw a couple of episodes. I'll have to Netflix the series later. In any case, Ryan has some great scenes where he is um, well nekkid. No frontal but his body is gorgeous and cut!
Perfect show for me, vampires and a half naked hot guy every other scene...nice.
Hope everyone is well.
;) peace