Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you masculine or feminine? You seem like the stereotypical flaming femme!

LOL! I love pissing people off on Youtube who think Lady Gaga is the shizznit!! Let's see, my interests are the NFL (go AZ Cardinals!), golf, cars, I hate shopping and I can't decorate and I usually smell my clothes to see if they are still "wearable". Gay men get on my nerves and women who ride motorcycles are kinda hot. They can't drive cars though. Transgendered people are abominations and um, I like cheese. So what do you think? Oh and I'd kick your ass if you stepped up to me in person. So um, a lil bit of both...? lol

Ask me anything


  1. No it wasn't me I just really liked your answer!

  2. LOL, so lazy, slobby guys with no gay etiquette do it for ya huh? ;) peace