Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kenny Wormald

So today, I got "stuck" watching two movies I normally wouldn't watch. Um, by stuck I interested and just too lazy to actually go do what I gotta do. The first was Center Stage Turn it up and I must say, so glad I watched it! Kenny Wormald is a hottie!! AND he can move, if humans had mating dances to attract a mate (well they kinda do) then dance in front of me like he did at 1:34 and I'm gathering twigs to build our nest!! Oh and the other movie was The Family that Preys by Tyler Perry, actually the only film I've really liked from Tyler. Enjoy! ;) peace

And a couple of pics of Kenny Wormald. His last name bugs me, doesn't really roll off the tongue! ;)


  1. i agree kenny is hott as :D

  2. yes he is! Love his dancing! ;) peace