Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video Time

*Disclaimer: These vids were made with a BlackBerry Curve! Do not expect Hulu type of videos! ;)*
So while I was in Oregon visiting my bro, I took a lot of videos. Going to start posting them over the next few weeks (yes! that many) don't worry, still hot guys also. My first vid is a bloopers video. I posted a favorite jeans video awhile back because I wanted to show that life is wonderful and that even your fave jeans can make your day. Well it came off as soft porn but I posted it anyways because I already had taken the video. It took a few tries to get a video I thought was presentable, but in hindsight, maybe not so much. So this is a blooper vid, when my BlackBerry got a text and if I was recording, you got this awful screeching sound! This happened during my first try at my fave jeans video which by the way you can view here, and yes, I know. Too much time on my hands and it's lame but I was in a small town in Oregon where it rained every day! Boredom made me do crazy things. ;) peace

It rained so much up there, it totally sucked!!

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