Saturday, April 3, 2010

Julie & Julia

Just watched this movie, I loved it! I normally don't do chick flicks but it was pretty good and Chris Messina is hotness!! He plays the most adorkable husband! the film also made me think maybe I should do something with my blog and take it to the next level, but then I thought, naw my lil ol blog is just fine the way it is. ;) I do remember how she felt when she got her first comment though, it's always exciting when you get a comment. My blog doesn't get many comments but I do get emails, which is kinda cool, you get to know who's reading your blog a bit easier. Here are some pics of Chris, they don't do him the justice he deserves from this movie. Enjoy! ;) peace

1 comment:

  1. WOOOOOOOOOF, Chris is definitely a hottie. Really liked this film.

    Mega hairy muscle Happy Humpy Easter hugs, Leonard. Hoping the Easter Bunny filled your basket with creamy treats.