Tuesday, April 27, 2010

La Mission

So I went and saw the La Mission movie (you can see the trailer at the top of any page in this blog) and it was so good. The performances by Benjamin Bratt, Erika Alexander and Jeremy Ray Valdez...wonderful. Jeremy Ray Valdez couldn't have been more perfect for the role, he's hot, he has these eyes that...wow, I bawled in the kitchen table scene with his dad. I've never been like a big Benjamin Bratt follower, I dunno why, he's definitely handsome but in this movie...wow. He has this one crying scene (well his only crying scene) and when you see his eyes, OMG, your heart just goes out to him and you just want to comfort him. Erika, wow, amazing performance and throughout the whole movie I just wanted her to be my friend. She plays a very nurturing woman, yet strong at the same time. I think this is going to be one of those indie movies that is going to get a good buzz and grow a following. I really hope so, for anyone who has grown up in the hood or from a culture where it's hard to be you, this movie really hits home. I connected with it on so many levels and it's like "finally" a gay movie I can really connect with, that kind of tells my story in a way. As a son you always want your dads approval and Jes was looking for that. I remember when my dad woke me up and he was drunk and I was 12 and he asked me if I was a queer, I said no. He asked again later, and like Jes I grew a pair and said yes and that was hard, I had to choose and I chose me. He did eventually accept me and I'm lucky with my family being cool with it. Very lucky. Enjoy! ;) peace

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