Sunday, April 4, 2010

Songs of Sunday

UPDATE: JP from Aletsthegreat's YouTube channel, and who is the blonde in the video, sent me a message and confirmed that they are indeed the artists... Pray for Rain. Awesome, they are very talented and I hope to see more from them. If you want, you can become a fan of Pray for Rain on Facebook, just do a Pray for Rain search and the profile pic will be of them playing a guitar. It's also nice to put a name with face, I only ever knew Alex's name oh and Luke from some of Aletsthegreat's videos. I love Luke he's hella funny, I think they have a vid on here somewhere. Once again, Enjoy! ;) peace

So had a great day with the fam, thanks mom for the Easter dinner! I'm so full I can't even think about food for like a day, or two. :) My nephew was over for the day, enjoyed spending time with him, he's suck a kook! I apped out the BlackBerry I gave him and put some music and videos on there. That's my precious, I'm grateful for days I get to spend with him. I laughed so hard with him and my mom today! As dysfunctional as my family is, they are my family.
So it's been a long day, exhausted and ready for bed and I go log into YouTube to see which Songs of Sunday I'm going to post and noticed Aletsthegreat had a new post in my subscription page. So I checked it out and wow...great song and video Songs of Sunday done. I *think* (no confirmation yet) that him and his friends (oh his name is Alex btw) are actually the band Pray for Rain and the song is called In the Sun. It's a very sweet video, I can't think of another word to describe it. It kind of gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. For the record, they are not gay (I'm 99% sure) but it doesn't really matter because when they have done "gay themed" vids, it's always been in fun and not offensive. At least to me anyways, they seem like good kids. So here you go, like any artist I put on my Songs of Sunday posts: Pray for Rain-In the Sun their music video. Enjoy! ;) peace

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