Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick blog

I'm at the library and I'm sitting next to the window and I look out and this suv is unloading these books to a library push cart. It's a mom and her two small children. The mom gets back in the driver seat and the little girl takes off for the adjacent park and the little boy is told to push the cart into the library to return the books. So he pushes the cart across the parking lot and he's trying to lift the cart up on the curb to the sidewalk and of course he can't. He's just a little taller than the cart with it's 3 shelves all filled with books. He keeps calling to his sister to come help and to his mom who is literally just watching him in her drivers side mirror trying to get the cart up on the curb. Of course you know I'm going to help but I wanted to see if the mom would get off her fat ass and help, nope wasn't happening. So I went out and helped him up with that cart and he thanked me and I said your welcome and the mom just sat there the whole time. I've never wanted children but I assure if I had them I'd help them in a situation like that. Oh and that cart was HELLA HEAVY! They were encyclopedias! lol
Anyways, just couldn't believe she didn't get out to help him. ;) peace

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