Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So here at the house, we had the exterminators in yesterday, so that meant an early day getting up and moving everything out of the kitchen, covering up furniture, moving stuff out of my bedroom. Then wait four hours and come back and attempt to put everything back, hmm...didn't work because we had to rewash all the dishes, the linen covering the furniture and of course our bedding, even though it was covered. Wipe everything down, keep the baby from licking anything and of course Chris had to leave at 9:30 pm last night for work and so it was basically just me finishing up putting the house back together. Woke up today and started more dishes, and was going to start more laundry but washing machine was down. So in short, I got up and did dishes, registered for school (yeah! I'm in!) come back do more dishes, run errands for my cousin, change the baby's dressing (burned foot from walking on hot cement, long story),fix the baby's table because Jodi broke it on accident, fix the washer, get gorilla glue on my hands, wash hands for like an hour...glue still there, do more laundry and I know this is the longest run on sentence EVER! Exhausted. Okay, living in my hotel room was very simple, just me and that's about that. Now it's different and with Chris being gone so much, I basically run the house, take care of Jodi and the baby and fix shit. LOL not as sexy as I used to be, well in my head anyways. I like it though, I do. So now that Jodi is in bed, baby is finally asleep and I'm halfway through laundry and 3/4's way though dishes, I can take a break and just chill. Searched the web for how to get this frickin gorilla glue off my hands...can't. Deal with my chemical OCD/Anxiety and realize, I'll be OKAY. Once again, in my head, I always thought my blog was "kinda" sexy but now it's kind of going a different way...kind of okay with that too. Don't get me wrong, hot pics to follow, but now I actually feel I have a "life" to blog about, rather than just me in a hotel room. Okay, time for some hot pics, today I did not feel hot at all but I did have the guy at the smoke shop (errand for my cousin)flirt with me, so uh hotness?! lol Enjoy! ;) peace

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