Friday, July 30, 2010


You would think living in a hotel for two years I'd never want to see a hotel room again. Um, not true, I booked myself one tonight for peace and quiet from the chaotic house I live in with the crazy family I care for. LOL Chris is back from his haul so Jodi and the baby are good. Well I brought some laundry to do (our machine has been down) and I just ran into this thug in the laundry room. Good gawd! He was fine, we had some major eye contact and did the whole checking each other out thing but I had to get out of there because I've been thug free for awhile now and want to keep it that way! I dunno though, there was something, definitely a connection. In any case, he had tats on his face (never a good thing) but I didn't see any tears but I did see a couple of stars (gang banging stuff for those who don't know) but maybe he jumped out? lol okay enough thinking of that. As usual a man has inspired my post. Enjoy! ;) peace

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  1. Stars? Tears? I've clearly led a sheltered life. I'm confused...