Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Day!

I'm hot, sticky and tired as hell but I had a great day at the State Fair. Yesterday I went with my cousin and it was my first time for the California State Fair here in Sacramento but I liked it. Well he had an extra ticket and so I went back today (alone, he just slowed me down!) and just had so much fun. Does anyone else have fun by themselves? Don't be nasty. ;) Really though, I do, I mean I talked to hella people today but I just have this ability to entertain myself and I was down there for like 7 hours and just had so much fun. Got myself some hella pics for my Real People series, but not tonight...time to crawl into bed. I'll leave you with something pretty though. ;) peace


  1. Mmm pretty:-) Did he come in a show bag?
    I'm good at entertaining myself, but sometimes having someone else there is nice too. I dropped some hints and my bf has got tix for "Ekka" - our State fair equivalent - next week. I'm looking forwards to seeing some baby animals:-)

  2. lol a show bag? Uh, no. LOL I hope you and your BF have a great time at Ekka next week, as I did today! ;) peace