Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So school is going great and I'm so happy to be in this school and excited about the future! As far as hotties, yeah, not so much but definitely cuties. So have I mentioned Stoner Josh? I think so, well Stoner Josh was out one day last week so New Hot Guy sat in his seat, next to me. I didn't like that. Stoner Josh and I make a good team when it comes to our homework and practice assignments and I'm sorry, I'm a loyal person and I didn't like New Hot Guy sitting there, but whatev, not like we have assigned seating. Well today Stoner Josh (he actually likes to be called Joshua but oh well, my blog) came to class and when Hot New Guy walked in (I call him that because um, he's new to class...he's hot) and he looked a bit perplexed so he walks past Stoner Josh and sat a few seats down. Cool. THEN he got up and came and sat on the other side of me, so I got Stoner Josh on one side and Hot New Guy on the other. I couldn't pay attention in class. I don't know why, Stoner Josh is a sweetie but Hot New Guy, well he knows he's hot, kind of a turn off. So class was ending and I was talking to the teacher about some help I needed with an assignment and Stoner Josh walked out and as I was walking back to my seat Hot New Guy gave me the smile and nod thing as he walked out. Okay. I packed up my backpack and walked out and Stoner Josh was waiting for me in the hall and we walked to our next class together, which we normally do but this is the first time we didn't WALK out of class together. I thought that was sweet. And no, Stoner Josh is not gay...Hot New Guy...not so sure. In any case, that was my first period and the rest of the day was okay. Long days on Tuesday's and Thursday's but I'm loving it! Enjoy! ;) peace

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