Friday, August 13, 2010


So orientation was today, I'm so stoked to get started with my classes! So I have tonight and tomorrow night off and since Wednesday was my birthday I had this grand plan to rent a hotel room in Midtown and go out and have some fun and celebrate. Well I did rent the hotel room last night when I had the great idea, but I was so nervous/excited about orientation this morning that I only got like 3 hours sleep. So I'm in my very nice hotel room (bid upon Priceline, of course) because well, when you bid a room on Priceline, you don't get your money back if you cancel. I'm exhausted though, long day. Well there is a lounge downstairs so maybe I'll just go down and have a beer and celebrate very quietly. :D

Off to my parents tomorrow, mmm....leftovers from momma! ;) peace

Really? You thought I would blog a post about college orientation and not mention the guys! lol, hello?! There was some hotness going on, definitely. I'm looking forward to actual classes to see who my eye candy will be each day. Until then, here is some hotness for you. Enjoy!

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