Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm at my mom's place and I'm bootlegging an internet signal so this post may take a moment to get up because the signal is so weak. Not that you know that, since you are seeing the finished product. lolz I'm tired, when I get tired I get a bit ditzy! So I went golfing today, first time in MONTHS! It's a lil ghetto cheap 9 hole course but I had such a great time, no one in front of me, no one in back of me...was Wonderful. I was concerned since I haven't been in so long I would be terrible, and I didn't do too bad. I mean I still suck but I thought I would be a lot worse! I would like to find a golfing buddy to play with but no luck quite yet.

Now just visiting with mom and catching up on all the news (which I've already heard during the week via phone calls...but hey...) of course I've been eating since I got her and now she's doing my laundry. Okay not my laundry, she was doing hers and asked if I had anything to throw in so I threw a few items that were questionable in my gym bag of clothes that I brought! :D Excited to start classes Monday and basically all is well. Enjoy your Saturday! Oh, why the Tats post? This girl at K-Mart was covered with them, like faded ones, bright ones some that made no sense and she worked there and was like 18. Mmmm...k. So I thought, now that I've seen unattractive tats, I'll post some worth looking at!! Enjoy! ;) peace

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