Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turn Around!

There's a guy who sits in front of me with such a cute butt, today he wore shorts. Nice legs, I'm def a leg and ass man, oh hell I like it all! ;) peace


  1. So are we going to get pics of cute butt guy and stoner and the rest?

  2. LOL, I wanna say "give me a few weeks and yes!" but that makes me sound arrogant and like a player. Which I'm not, so how about, who knows? ;) peace

  3. Leo, the teacher in me just has to say, "Pay attention in class! Stop ogling other students!" LOL!

    The perv in me has to say, "Glad you've got such a fabulous view."


  4. LOL, Eyre there are not a lot of hot guys in my classes (to my disappointment) so I guess I pay too much attention to the few I am lucky to ogle! I think I may him nervous though, or else he's just fidgety. He's usually in that half way turned around position. Hmm...maybe he just doesn't like people sitting behind him. Maybe next week I'll sit in his row. ;)