Thursday, September 9, 2010


So for my first period I have the same prof as my fourth period and she will show us test grades from the fourth period class if we want to see them. Of course we do, right? Well I know most people who read this will think I'm nuts but um, well I got an A- and it f*cked up my whole day!! Seriously I thought of dropping out and just...I dunno...dumpster diving for a living. Now don't get me wrong, I am by no means a perfectionist or Type A personality kind of guy. Hell the gay mafia is ALWAYS threatening to take my gay card for various offenses (liking sports, smelling my clothes before I wear them because I'm a slob, hating shopping, liking beer, having a car that looks like I live in it, etc,.) so really, yeah, I'm not that guy. However, for this particular class, I am the guy with a 100% average annnnd today ruined that. I got a 95% and it's all because of me. Yup, me. I was supposed to show and give an example, which I did, of a method and then define it. *sigh* I didn't define it, I. Didn't. F*cking. Define it!! My prof was like, I loved your example and the content and would totally use it as an example for my other classes but I had to take 5 points because you gave no definition for it. I was crushed, I walked past a friend who DID get a 100% and was like, I got an A- and he was like cool. F*ck you dude. Okay I didn't say that but I kinda thought it! lol Oh um, as a Leo, I'm very competitive too, so that didn't help that I have this guy in like 3 classes and I really only trump him in one (computers, hello IT major here) so yeah. Crushed. I know this sounds lame but it really did ruin my whole day and hello I still have an A average in that class, but I just...ugh...was pissed at me. AND I always do that, I never read through the whole directions just the first part and then I'm on it and later realize there was more to it. Lesson learned. So in my English class I got a B+, soooo okay with that because I feel that's where I'm at but in this other class I should be an A student...yeah, an A student. And I am. So that's how I got over it, I'm not a 100% student but I'm an A student still and that works. Just pray for me if I ever get a B! lol Tons of homeowork and studying this weekend but I'm okay with it because last weekend was fun times with my bro in Oregon so I'm prepared to spend the weekend at the library. Still haven't made it to the gym yet, need to work that in my schedule somehow! Thanks for listening to me vent about something lame. ;) peace


  1. Dude Leo,
    Like someone said before, it's your post. Write whatever the hell you want. We will still be here at the end of the day looking forward to new hot pics, oh and of course your life story.
    I know where you are coming from, don't you hate that guy. And in a class that you should be a A student you sure as hell want to get that A in the end.
    Look at it like this, you lost that battle but the war is still there to be won!Sometimes I wish I took my own advice, lol.

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I forget it's "my" blog, lol! I'll maintain an A average in that class, I will win that war! ;) peace

  3. I have faith that you'll keep getting those good grades. Don't stress yourself so much that you jinx yourself.

    Also, you can vent about whatever you want here. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it. *hugs*

  4. @Eyre thanks, if that A- wasn't so preventable on my part it wouldn't have mattered so much! Lesson learned. Yeah sometimes I forget this is MY blog and not just a random blog full of hot men. lol ;) peace