Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So my friend, like myself, is really into tech stuff. I follow him on Twitter, we text, he's cool peeps. He has a YouTube channel please check it out! He's also a hottie, you know if I post anything regarding men on my blog, they have to be hot! LOL My fave vid is this one, I had the Palm Pre and didn't know how to get the virtual keyboard and I YouTubed it and his vid came up. So this is the first video I saw of his, there will be more on my blog. Was helpful but I didn't get the virtual keyboard this way, found it another way. I just thought he sounded hot so I followed him. :) He has some great tech vids though, check them out. I actually just texted him now and said he never answered my comment! LOL I'm sure he will now though. He's very personable and does great at answering comments now. Enjoy! ;) peace

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